Tom Waits Reads Bukowski

Charles Bukowski – Nirvana Read By Tom Waits

Man with Beautiful Eyes

The Man with Beautiful Eyes

– Charles Bukowski

As Love Draws Near

As Love Draws Near – Philip Patston (by Philip Patston)

The Label Libel

The Label Libel, A New look at Diversity: Philip Patston at TEDxAuckland (by TEDxTalks)

Mr Wilkinson and the Lads

Colm Wilkinson-Four Tenors – Bring Him Home 

I like this, but mainly because of the wonderful, amazing Colm Wilkinson… mwaaaaaaah! I love that man!!

This is Amazing!

Amazing… just imagine this… turn the volume up, watch full screen and share!!

I do…

Prop8, Ref 74 Andrea Gibson LIVE – ” I do”

Gotta love it…. I do… !

Dear Straight People

Denice Frohman – “Dear Straight People” (WOWPS 2013)

I love this…  a great example of how poetry should use the word, enabling the word to move the world….

Lady Lazarus

Sylvia Plath Reads Lady Lazarus (by mishima1970)


This is WONDERFUL…. for the lover of words, poetry or Tarot… or as in my case… all three!