Daniel Libeskind – A Man with True Vision

Architecture is a Language: Daniel Libeskind at TEDxDUBLIN (by TEDxTalks)

This guy is a genius at art and emotion and how the two work together. Daniel’s work in the Jewish Museum in Berlin is so powerful and beautiful.

The Photo Man

The Photo Man

This is one awesome video! I love the things the guy said about the people, the experience, the photo’s and well, the whole concept!

The Art World is Doomed

TEDxBrisbane 2011 – Hazel Dooney – Art and an undistracted conversation – and the dealer is doomed (by TEDxTalks)

I love TED…

Another awesome and inspiring TED talk by Australian artist Hazel Dooney… to quote from her speech:

“I want to argue for a new sense of freedom, a possibility for a younger generation of artists with the nerve, (and not to put too fine a point on it), the inclination to kick a bunch of old farts in the balls. So let me begin with this simple statement:

The art world as we know it is doomed, and it is a good thing.”

Foxygen Magic

Foxygen – San Francisco (Official Video) (by FoxygenVEVO)

IMHO this is rather wonderful, I love its decadence and the bohemian air of the video; it feels like Sunday morning. The music is just fabulous, it takes me somewhere back in time, or maybe just around the corner from today, I haven’t quite worked out where. It’s a very neat place to be though.

The songs opening lyrics are:

Up in the San Francisco where the forest meets the bridge
I thought I saw you standing there and then you fell onto the rails
But that was many years ago and I am so much older now
My brother is a soldier now
I can’t see them any how, I moved up in the wind
And you swimming up tide or just to the hand radio stations

There is something in these words, and the rest of the song that makes me want to delve deeper: into why I connected with it so strongly. Another part of me just wants to leave it to be what it is. The verses are so intense and full of images, while the chorus lines are more like breathing space between them. The chorus being repeated twice with just a change of one word seems to underline this need for time out to think, between all the activity within the verses themselves:

I left my love in San Francisco
That’s okay, I was bored anyway
I left my love in the room
That’s okay, I was born in L.A.

From a poets point of view I find this very clever, and whether it was intended by the writer or not it is something to think about, maybe Foxygen have found a new poetic device – breathing space! I will be on the look out for more of this in lyrics and poetry, and I definitely want  more of Foxygen!

Sonnet to Avalon

Bryan Ferry Singing Shakespeare’s Sonnet To Avalon Video (by TheRoxyManifesto)

Without Gravity



With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here’s Space Oddity, recorded on Station. A last glimpse of the World.

Huge thanks in the making of the video to the talented trio of Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran and Andrew Tidby, plus Evan Hadfield and all at the CSA.

Wow, this makes me go all funny inside and remember my original career choice.. to be a Moon Man!!!! I couldn’t say astronaut properly when I was 3….

The Poetry of Heinekin

I love this Heinekin ad from the 80’s….. so clever replacing the word ‘parts’ in the tradiitonal Heinekin slogan with ‘poets’ which is a half rhyme of the original word. In my poet brain this makes it even more appropriate. I just love how the process the poet goes through in trying to find the right words is conveyed too. Brilliant!! I stayed in a cottage in Grasmere in another life, so this has all kinds of memories as well as its poetic perfection.

Symphony of Science

Science is the poetry of reality.


This is unbelievable!!! I think it would have freaked me… but *WOW* !!

Nirvana by Charles Bukowski

Nirvana by Charles Bukowski