Womens Refuge – Awareness Exhibition

This week saw the opening of Six Weeks – Six Visions, our G-Space curation exercise for Professional Practice. The first group to exhibit staged an exhibition to make people aware of the work of the Women’s Refuge.

I was very impressed by the work here, especially given that the group has some unforeseen events to deal with which culminated in them losing their main artist. This didn’t stop them and they forged ahead, creating their own art to convey the message.

The works consisted of photographs with no middles, only the edges of the images, which had been used to create a frame for small plaques, each carrying a message such as Will they believe me? and Walking on eggshells. I found this very evocative, these tiny yet powerful messages in the empty frame. Although the reason behind the empty frame was due to copyright issues with the original photographer involved, I actually think this was more powerful than an image would have been. When you suffer abuse, your world shrinks to one of fear and dread, there is no colour and no bigger picture, you can only focus on the pain. In my opinion this came across very strongly.

The other part of the exhibition was a large black screen at the back of the gallery featuring part of a video made by Saatchi and Saatchi about domestic violence. Disturbing sounds, lower lighting, and fleeting images flashing across the screen, provoked an atmosphere with a sense of dread and things hidden.

Congratulations to Babie, Jess, Van Van and co! You did a great job and although I was unable to walk and missed the opening, the food looked amazing in your photos, very professional!

Thanks to Jamie, Van Van and Morgan for an awesome poster too.