Minus 11

I woke today to a glorious world of white. I love winter. I don’t mind that it was minus 11 degrees outside my kitchen door, or that my car windscreen froze over again right after I de-iced it. I don’t even mind that the water tank is frozen and there is no water for a shower or a cup of tea.

I don’t mind any of it, because I LOVE WINTER!!!




Cold sploshes woke me…

I had about 2 hours sleep, woken by cold sploshes of rain coming through the roof, soaking my pillow. Today I must move my bed, but right now I am just chilling, too tired to do much more than rub my eyes. I wrote a poem in the night too, will have to review it in the grey of day.

Anyway, I wanted to share this, amazing, beautiful, clever, inspiring video… the cut the adjectives, rules of writing absolutely do not count when you are excited and full of gratitude that someone called Sean Pecknold made something so wonderful… without further ado… The Fleet Foxes and White Winter Hymnal:


That Clever Mantel Lady…

I am a new convert to the short story genre, I always preferred novels – something to get my teeth into. Having been submerged in this genre for the past few weeks, I cannot believe I have denied myself the pleasure of this art form for so long. Admittedly, the stories I have been reading are good, very, very good indeed. Recently I have been reading some short stories by Hilary Mantel. Her writing has me totally seduced, the stories are magical; they twist and turn and bite. Mantel constructs her narrative in such a way that you want to pick up the words and follow them like a trail of breadcrumbs, to find out where they go. Freshly baked breadcrumbs that fill your senses and make you crave more and more.

One fantastic example, is a story called Winter Break. This story was published in The Guardian in 2010, and you can read it here. This story is just under 2000 words. Short and sharp with not a breath wasted. The story is about a couple starting a winter holiday, the other character is an unpleasant taxi, driver who provides the shadow that echoes events in the couple’s lives. The ending of this story is stunning and cruel on the reader.  It is like something that I try to pretend I haven’t seen. I want it not to have happened, but it is etched deep in the part of my brain that becomes active at 3.00am.

For someone who has just begun to get into this genre, you really could not get a better introduction. I went on to read many more of Hilary Mantel’s short stories and each time I finish one the word ‘WOW” echoes around my room for several minutes after. Grab a cup of whatever warms you, and go and read Winter Break. You will not be disappointed. Then go and find more of her short stories.

Hilary Mantel – Photograph by Karen Robinson for The Guardian


Winter ––

In all your desolate glory
you come

to out-shadow
my darkness

to freeze
my coldness

to take me
for your

I covet
the very bones
of you

Day 27 – If

If I was a poem

my first verse would be

the words and smells around me

in a café on a cold winter day

watching snowflakes

melt on the steamy window


If I were a picture

I would be a black and white polaroid

blown up to giant size

on the wall of a white

painted loft, in New York

on Christmas Eve


If I were a movie I would

be written by Charles Bukowski

directed by Tim Burton

with Michael Douglas

playing the out of work writer

in pyjamas.


If I were a song

I would be Bring Him Home

from Les Miserables

sung by Colm Wilkinson


Today I am a train journey

passing through

all of these things

and sometimes

one of them


is who I am


Symbols of Winter #25

enlightened morning
wisps of smoke shows signs of life
survival signals

white symbols of peace
zen shadows land like snowflakes
origami cranes

so close to the edge
trippy rainbow bubble clouds
the sink overflows

Weather Forecast #19

dying flames
cast their ashes

passing through
leaves left behind

leaving soon
a bitter winter