Ghostly Van Gogh

An exhibition in  a house in Brixton that Vincent Van Gogh once lived in…. here is some blurb about the house…



Treehouse to the Stars

I have been looking at many online pages of street art and murals as part of my research. here are a couple of my favorites so far.

On Web Urbanist, I found this mural by Polish artist Swiatecki. The mural is painted on to the facade of a 12-story building. To quote the artist:

this impressive stylized treehouse – which even incorporates some of the windows on the building into the design – took 9 people, 350 80-liter cans of acrylic paint, 3 months and 7 days to complete.

urban-murals-swiatecki-poland1I like this a lot because I can imagine it would be magical for the people who live there to see this every day. Imagine a child or a grown up kid looking out of the window down at this boy. It makes me think of my childhood, looking out of the window at nights and dreaming up different landscapes.

Another site I found is called Paint Quality, there are some great murals there, but I fell for this one entitled Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night,. It is in Short North, Columbus, Ohio. The artists: Dwaine MacDonald, Susan O’Dell, and Patrick Corbettare are part of a company called Dragonfly Design.

van-gogh-cafe-terrace-at-night-mural-600x339-1I like this because it is magical, it totally transforms the corner. It references Van Gogh, and the whole mood of the french cafe, and the song by Don Mclean… it is another dream-scape. It’s like a trampoline for the imagination.

Hell, lets have the song, and some more Van Gogh. Enjoy!