Boo, Phoebe and I were in town today. We had a late lunch at Lambrettas. Of all the many cafes and restaurants in this town, it can be difficult to find somewhere to eat at around 4.00pm. Someone should get on to that!

Pizza Marguerita
Lambrettas Pizza
The Growing Ups
The Growing Ups

And then I went into college and we watched The Carpenter’s Arms, (an Eco home, which I have watched the guys build from scratch), being loaded up ready for transit.

Boarding now please
Boarding now please



Parting Gift #22

So now you are gone
I wont see you again
for 9 moons
I wont have to listen
for your special ring on my phone
or keep spinach in the freezer just in case
none of the old diesel engines will be you
I wont have to wait because I know
you wont be coming
I will miss the waiting
hated the agony of the goodbye hug
I looked up and said I loved you
you looked down
took your mouth from mine
and said I know
and you walked to your truck
and turned around and smiled
and lifted your hand towards me
and shining inside it
was your heart