The woodcutter always finds his way into the story…

Today I cut trees, dead trees, trees that looked perfect for my installation. And then they had to be mounted on the roof of my car, and stashed inside my car.

I think this is what they call process work… I call it hard work…


Look at this glorious shot of the back window of my car… and the reflections… you can’t see that it is stuffed full of trees inside!


Then I finished my Animus and Anima picture book, more process work :o)


I really like these books… I shall make more… at some point… I fancy a Tarot based one – or seven….


Cat among the shadows…

I went out early this morning to collect branches before first light. I wanted to catch the kitchen before full daylight for my tests. Well it took forever to wire up my branches to make the *shade* thingy, and by then it was full albeit murky, daylight. I tried covering the windows for a few experiments, and worked out that I needed smaller branches further from the light source.

This was the first set up of the day:


Looks like nothing eh? But it is about 6 foot tall and those branches would not stay up… lots of cursing, it’s really a two man job. Still one woman sufficed. I couldn’t get an image of the shadows in the workshop but you are not missing much. The workshop it too big and the roof too high.


Of course Pookie thought it was all for him..


My next experiment involved smaller twigs, polystyrene and a larger space between the bulb and the twigs. I did it in the kitchen as I was able to make it darker. I only used a few twigs just to see if it would work, after all the hours spent wiring the large branches together!




I was so happy to see them, this bulb rocks those twigs!


Look at this gnarly bugger…


I am happy now…. I didn’t sleep hardly last night for worrying about it, even though I was dog tired. Then I got up long before dawn to get the branches sorted. It is all about experiment after experiment to find out what works. Once I have it set up I can refine things and decide if I want to add a turntable or not. At the moment I am thinking we don’t need it but I will see.

I now have a boot full of the gnarliest twigs I could find ready to take in and play on Thursday. Now back to my seminar research…


Just doodling…

I can’t believe it is already June… geez, it’s almost the end of the semester.

I needed to get away from brain work, reading, and theorising and writing, for half an hour, so I picked up my iPad and started doodling… I made trees…. (thinking of the shadow forest I guess, for Light Nelson)…


I drew trees, and erased bits of trees


and turned them inside out… it’s fun doodling…


I may try using these, if the other thing doesn’t work out, the outlines may need to be less messy but I will do a wee experiment with a tea-light maybe see if they make shadows, if I can find some acetate to print on before Tuesday. No college tomorrow as it is a bank holiday. Queens birthday. We never celebrated that in England… odd, not that I am ungrateful for a day off of course…

Sorry Joyce #15

I think that I shall never see
A man who makes me feel like he

A man whose hungry mouth does kiss
Until this earth is heavens bliss

A man that looks into mine eye
And proclaims a thunderous night is nigh

Upon whose breast my head has lain
My fingers tangled in his mane

A man that loves for his own sake
Who freely caused my heart to break

Such men are loved by fools like me
Can God explain this mystery