Tarot – All the Sixes

I have been getting back into my Tarot study during the college break, and have been looking at the numbered cards in the Minor Arcana and the corresponding card in the Major Arcana. As a framework for this study time I decided to look at one number every few days and see how the cards in different decks relate to each other.

As it is nearing Saint Valentines Day, I am beginning with the number six – The Lovers. Except this card is not really about lovers as such, but of being in love, and not necessarily romantic love. It could be a new passion or obsession, a new country, a new career choice. Any sudden need to take a new path in life, something that overcomes you with all the power of Cupid’s arrow. Whatever you fall for can often result in a difficult choice, or even a rash move that may have huge consequences. But if you don’t make the move, and follow this new found love, then you will never know, which could cause a lifetime of regret.

The past is a great place and I don’t want to erase it or regret it, but I don’t want to be it’s prisoner either. – Mick Jagger

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. – Sydney J Harris

In this series of studies I intend to look at many different decks, but I will always include a standard Rider Waite Smith deck for comparison. For the sixes I have chosen my Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck, Tarot of the Wyrd, the Thoth, and The Wild Unknown.

I am beginning by looking at The Lovers cards as they are the archetypal sixes and their symbolism shines light onto the minor sixes.


The Lovers card relates to the sun sign of Gemini, which is evident in the symbolism on all of these cards, and Gemini is often represented by twins. Tarot of the Wyrd I think confuses the card a little, as in my understanding this card does not always represent romantic love, although they could be brother and sister or even old friends, but the love letter in the background suggests otherwise. The angel is there in the form of a wee cupid-like cherub, and although Gemini is an air sign this card has both the passions of fire and the emotions of water, which seem to go with romantic love.

The RWS Lovers card is very biblical in its imagery. The angel is said to be Raphael and by the way he holds his hands he appears to be blessing the couple below. The mountain in the background looks to me like a volcano, which gives the card some tension. The serpent and the tree of knowledge are shown behind Eve, and Adam stands before the Tree of Life. But what will happen if they come together? I see this card as more of a balance of the energy of male and female rather than opposites. They are equal, they have not yet been tempted and the love they have is pure and innocent, and platonic.

The Wild Unknown is a lovely interpretation of this card, with the two Canada geese flying free and yet together through the air, the sun shines on them blessing their journey. Unlike many birds, the male and the female Canadian geese both look very alike, and it is hard to tell whether this is two male or two females or one of each. I think the fact that we cannot tell in this card, is a wonderful piece if possibly unintended symbolism. To me is says that in love and true friendship gender is irrelevant. That’s my take and I am sticking with it.

Then we have the Thoth Lovers card. This card is very focused on opposites,  and in the background we have a large central figure who is hidden behind a veil. Like Raphael in the RWS, the hands appear to be held out as if blessing all the creatures below. There is cupid at the top and the serpent at the bottom. It speaks to me of choice and balance, everything being kept in harmony, but it cannot stay this way forever. A choice has to be made, and possibly with that choice comes sacrifice.


The images in the Rider Waite Smith are familiar to many. The Six of Swords is about crossing from a place or situation or even a problem, to another place of solace and clarity. There is a hint of sadness. The way ahead is made clear, and the journey is easy once you know where you are going. Like many six cards it is about  balance, responsibility and family. The ferryman works while the family rest, they in turn will pay him when they reach their destination. They have earned this fare, the books are balanced. It is a gentle card for a Sword.  The family are in the capable hands of the ferryman, and the water is calm, there is no need for high passions or emotions. This is one of the most peaceful Sword cards in the deck. Maybe it signifies a world cruise even.

The Six of Wands shows a procession of victory, or the arrival of someone important. It could be a new passion in the life of the querent, if so it may be fiery and short lived. I get the feeling this guy is resting on his laurels from the crown on his head, maybe a false triumph. At least it is a welcome break after the struggle in the Five of Wands. Still there are many around him waiting to takeover, well that’s how it feels to me.

The Six of Cups is about harmony, good memories and family, especially children. The symbolism here reminds me of holy communion, and the card is about communion of friends and family and shared joy. It is a rainy afternoon over an old photo album maybe with grandparents or old friends. It is a happy and comfortable card in most RWS based decks. It is the most emotional of the sixes, but the six of cups is not about romantic love. It could represent a new or old friend coming on the scene but only in a platonic, brotherly way. The  figure in the background is leaving the party, going back to the home, maybe this could represent the querent is some readings, looking for the comfort of the past.  It’s a safe place to be for the moment.

The Six of Pentacles is clearly about giving and receiving, the rich man gives to the poor. The Robin Hood card. The scales indicate balance. Pentacles relate to material riches, and this is what is being shared in this card. It could symbolise a small win or monetary gain, or it could equally be about donating to charity.


Tarot of the Wyrd, (above), has very similar images to the RWS. The main difference is the Six of Watches, which shows a nurse, so rather than giving the gift of material things she is giving the gift of time, and as the key word says selflessness. Still they say time is money, and she is presumably paid for her work, so it has the same give and take meaning.

The key words on these cards all pretty much match the symbolism in the RWS. The word Solace on the Six of Cutlery seems to emphasise the leaving behind troubles aspect of the card. The Six of Wands makes me think of politics, all the important people carrying the staffs, I still see this card as a short lived success. That would fit the world of politicians very well :)


I hesitated about including the Thoth deck in these studies, because I have not studied the system or any of the related teachings, except some astrology, in any depth at all. so  Still a little learning begets more learning and so what the hell, I am including it, if only to compare the basics to the other decks I am looking at.

I do know the sixes relate to the centre sphere on the Tree of Life. This sphere or Sephiroth is numbered six, and is called  Tiphareth, which means beauty and harmony, balance. The cross symbol in the centre of the Six of Swords  is one of the symbols used for Tiphareth. Although these cards are a lot more esoteric in their symbolism, they keywords are very similar to the RWS meanings.

The Six of Swords is Science, which at it’s most basic level means to know. The card has a lot of clarity, the swords are sharp. The windmill like things in the background seem to symbolise wind or air to me, and Air is the element of Tiphareth. That could be wrong though, it is just an impression I get! The astrological symbols show Mercury in Aquarius… this could have a connection the the keyword science, as Mercury in Aquarius is very open to learning and stretching the mind. They see the bigger picture with ease.

The Six of Wands is given the keyword Victory, the staffs are very reminiscent of the RWS image. The flames remind me of keeping the fires burning, Bighid’s flame, the torch they use for the Olympics. Astrologically it shows Jupiter in Leo. This pairing can represent someone who loves the limelight of success and victory, and it can be theirs through a benevolent and caring attitude. However, there is a need to take care not to let ego get in the way.

The Six of Cups is Pleasure – again very similar to the RWS. It feels abundant this Six of Cups. Astrologically we have the Sun in Scorpio. Scorpios can easily become addicted to pleasure at the expense of all else, but this is all I can remember that seems relevant to the card right now. The image has a kind of family, passing down feeling with the central cups connecting to and filling the other cups.

The Six of Disks is a lovely card, it has the sun, (from the Tree of Life sixth Sephiroth), a watery moon element, with the Moon in Taurus (Shown by the astrological symbols on the card), and Pentacles have the Earth element. Everything needed for things to grow and succeed. It is a very balanced card all round which again fits with the RWS symbolism. This card makes me think of putting something out to the universe and being in the right state to receive what you ask for.


The Wild Unknown has fast become one of my favourite Tarot decks of all time. I will do a post about this deck as it does deserve at least one all to it’s beautiful self, but for now I am just looking at the Sixes, in relation to those on the other decks I have covered here.

Six of Swords, no boat, but the swords are laid down, at rest. Maybe the battle has finished, at least for now. On the horizon is a colourful rainbow, a symbol of hope, just as in the RWS image there is a journey to be made, but a hopeful one. All is looking good for now.

The Six of Wands is a kind of victory card. The butterfly has emerged safely from the chrysalis, escaped the ragged branches with it’s wings perfect where they could have been easily torn. It is above the troubled times below… just like the rider in the RWS Six of Wands. Still, this is a success for now, no one knows what lies in wait. Every battle won no matter how small is encouraging.

The Six of Cups is a stunning card. I see the Tree as representing family and roots. The tree of now is so easily turned into the colourful branches of the tree of the past. There are many routes to follow and get tangled in for some dream time. Often we see memories as far more colourful than they were at the time, this card demonstrates this perfectly.

The Six of Pentacles in The Wild Unknown like the Thoth card speaks to me of wishes coming true, the tree has borne fruit. When I look at this card the fruit is weighted to the left of the card which is bending the branch, this to me indicates that to attain balance some of the fruit could be given away, which will keep the tree upright and unbroken for more fruit to grow.

In summary, six seems to have a fair but of duality about it in all of these cards, both the trumps and the pip cards. Choice, balance, harmony. Leaving and moving forward to new things, Victory yet also the possibility of loss of that triumph, sharing, giving and receiving. Although most of the cards are illustrated with people, the love could quite easily be a passion or hobby whose undertaking can represent a difficult choice to the querent. Sometimes the love for ourselves and our own fulfillment comes at a cost to those closest to us.

As always the cards surrounding the six can cast light or shadow on the situation.

I am enjoying this journey, the sixes were great to start with, I may pull a card to see which one I do next!

Tarot of the Wyrd

I have owned Celestae’s Tarot of the Wyrd for a couple of years, but have not been able to spend the time with it that it deserves. I am surprised there is not more about it on the web, as it is a very special deck indeed.

Tarot of the Wyrd is a deck by an artist known as Celestae. It is available from The Game Crafter.


The gorgeous bag and cloth in the above photo, came from  Toadwerks, one of my favourite Etsy shops.

The deck is RWS based, and the images are heavily influenced by the artist’s love of Victoriana and dark Gothic imagery.

The box is a Gamecrafter style box with a sealed bottom, this is great because you don;t get that problem with the bottom flap munting the LWB when you try to close it.  The box front features the name of the deck, and an image of the Devil card. The artists words from the back of the deck box:

I invite you to take a walk into the world of teacups and Gothic Victoriana, a world of magic inspired by an era of eccentricity and regal splendor.

Each card tells a story, and every image has its own personality within that story.

Included in the box are the 78 cards of the Tarot deck and a small folded leaflet in black and white giving basic meanings for the cards. There is no title or artist signed card with this deck.

The Major Arcana cards have Strength at number eight and Justice at eleven as in the RWS tradition. Justice shows a very stern looking guy in a top hat. The Fool shows a child with a pet dog, a very Victorian image and the card is called Initiation. The Magician is renamed The High Priest and The Empress and Emperor are The Mother and Father. The other card that has been renamed is Number nine. The Hermit becomes The Shaman. The Death card is a lady in black, very like the lady in the movie of that name. A very dark and shadowy card, the image of the woman is very ghostlike.

Tarot of the Wyrd - the Chariot

The minor suits have been changed slightly to match the period. While Wands are still called Wands the imagery is mainly umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks. Beautiful, Victorian china teacups represent cups. Pentacles are symbolised by and renamed Watches. Swords in this deck are Cutlery. All of the images fit the period beautifully, and the artist has worked hard, to make sure, they remain true to the Rider Waite cards.

Tarot of the Wyrd - Two of Cutlery

Each of the minor cards has a keyword on the bottom, for example:

Seven of Wands – Rivalry

Six of Wands – Success

Two of Wands – Confidence

King of Cutlery – Authority

Eight of Cutlery – Blindness

Six of Cutlery – Solace

Nine of Watches – Recuperate

Seven of Watches – Waiting

Three of Watches – Competence

Knight of Cups – Movement

Ten of Cups – Reward

Seven of Cups Choices

While I don’t usually like keywords on my cards, in this deck I am quite happy with them. They are subtle within the design of the cards. The typeface is distressed in fitting with the appearance of the cards in general. it was only on my second look that I even noticed the keywords.

Tarot of the Wyrd - Initiation

 All of the cards have a dark raggedy distressed looking border which works really well with the old photographic images especially. The only think that irks me a little is that the black borders tend to have the odd white marks where the black appears to have chipped. It is a very small thing and it actually fits the whole look of the deck I guess.  Anyway it would not be difficult to colour the edges of the deck with a black Sharpie, which would eliminate this issue. . I have even considered colouring mine gold or silver. The backs are a dusky pink purple colour with an ornate swirl pattern. They have a vintage photo of a ghostlike face at each end, and are fully reversible.

The cardstock is a decent thickness, not too shiny and shuffles well. The cards feel like older style Tarot cards, not at all plastic feeling. The printing on my deck is not totally centered, as is the case with several other Gamecrafter decks, but again in this deck you hardly notice.

Tarot of the Wyrd is one of my favourite RWS style decks, it is quirky, eccentric, and dark. I can think of no other deck like it, but if I had to try, I would probably say a cross between the Bohemian Gothic, The Zombie Tarot and The Housewives. Any lover of Victoriana or Gothic imagery is bound to enjoy this deck. If this deck were a movie it would probably be Arsenic and Old Lace, or a very dark version of Mary Poppins!

Watch out for the new deck interview coming to you soon via this blog!

2 Moons

Today I drew Luna from the Connessione and yet another Wand! The Five of Wands from the Tarot Noir. The Moon card is pretty serendipitous because I drew it today on the full moon. So a double whammy I guess.


The moon card has some mysterious stuff going on. At first glance the two hands at the bottom seem to be squeezing dental floss from a tube and flossing the moon’s teeth. Then we see that the hands are half hands and half birds. It’s like the practical earthly side and the higher consciousness working together through the moon somehow. One hand feeds the mouth of the bird on the other hand. The hand that is not holding the tube holds some pebbles that may have come from the water, the fingers look  a little bloodstained or maybe it is just sand. I am very much a Moon person, by birth and nature. I love the hours between 8.00pm and 8.00am, my lowest time is early afternoon. The lower the sun sinks in the sky, the happier I become. This card feels very right now.

Moon - Luna

The Five of Wands is what I call the play fight card, five has a feeling of 2 pairs and an odd one out. Sometimes I feel like the odd one, but in a food way. I am part of my family yet single, the mother creature. This card can mean stress and disagreement, but I think today it is telling me to enjoy the playing, be more frivolous without guilt, because I have earned this time to play. Especially as it is the holidays here in NZ! The Moon throws a happy shadow on the five of wands too, and the cards of the past two days having been wands adds to the positive nature of this five.

Taking the two cards together I see the Moon card as dreamy, playful, even a little goofy. I can never sleep around the full moon, I get maybe an hour or so and then wake up, usually around 3.00am. Sometimes this is ok. I have learned over the years not to fight sleeplessness, but to use those wakeful hours more positively. If it means I am fit for nothing during daylight hours then that’s just fine…after all there are 2 weeks of holiday still left.

The Wheel and Viné

Ludy Lescot gave me The Wheel today, and from the Fallen Angels Oracle I drew the angel Viné.

Count Viné is the 45th demon as evoked by Solomon according to the Goetia. He can see the past and the future, build towers and walls and also destroy them, he can also control the seas, create storms and find witches and things that are hidden. The name comes from the Latin Vinea or Vine which was an ancient war machine used to overthrow walls.

Viné has the Sun as his planet, and the element of Air. Traditionally he is portrayed as a lion holding a snake and riding a black horse. In this card there is a lion lying watchfully in front of a grand archway, this could be a gateway to a city maybe, to represent the walls he can build and destroy. There is a tower in the distance behind him. The sky looks angry and stormy. The word on the card is danger. I suppose the watchful lion could be representative of danger, but more as being on guard and therefore expecting danger than, the lion himself being the danger.

The message of this card in the oracle is that of a champion, helping you to defend your corner. Viné can understand your position and uncover causes of trouble that you cannot yet see, as well as uncovering personal weaknesses. He sounds like a good ally!

I have been questioning what I am doing that may not be for my best interests, and I have asked to be shown hidden dangers as a result of events in current relationships. I could do with a strong watcher in my corner I think.

The Wheel from Ludy Lescot and Fallen Angel Viné

The Wheel shows a figure sitting at the bottom of some steps, and at the top is a small figure silhouetted against the light. The wheel itself looks like it could be sun or moon rays…pushing from dark into light. There are human remains, bones scattered on the steps.

The female looks as if she is maybe surprised to find herself at the bottom and wonders how to get back up, can she face it.. or maybe she is just distraught at the mess she has made and the destruction that has resulted from her behavior, that landed her here. The shadowy guy at the top looks like he could be saying “I told you so….” or “Another fine mess you got me into Stanley”

I don’t quite know what to make of this card…. in the LWB it says:

“When we are in the dark, we are attracted to the light like a moth to the flame. In the light, it is the darkness that beckons us.”

Certainly there is a lot of dark and light in the card, and then there is the wheel which turns and shows how we can be up or down…. from in the light or in the shadows. And of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, we always want what we cannot have at that time. Maybe it is this human need for more, this grasping desirous nature that keeps the wheel turning.

Looking at both these cards together I wonder if the lion wants me to watch my step, lest I end up falling down the stairs and destroying something else in my wake?! Heavy stuff!

If anyone has any input here I would love to hear it!

I received a wonderful and fascinating follow up email on Aeclectic Tarot which I am posting here with the author’s permission… Thanks Mainegirl117 !!

Hi There..
Don’t have an account with which to post a reply to your blog, but I would suggest that those two cards are saying that you’ve got someone – something? – keeping an eye out on you – they’re “in your corner”

I would take that lion as the man at the top of the stairs in the Wheel card, Fortune looking down at you; you may be at the bottom of the wheel rotation and now the only way to go is up, which is ultimately a good thing (it’s like getting the 10/swords “you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way to go now is up”).

Look for a “bright shadow”. By this I mean: a bird flying in front of the sun, an animal crossing on the road at night which you see with your car lights (then, if you work with animal totems, look for the meanings of this/these animals for your ultimate message), a person standing in a doorway backlit but face cast in shadow… that sort of thing.

Another message that I get from this card is in reference to Moths (aka butterflies): what stage of development are you in? what are you transforming? how are you “in transition”? What do you want to do next but aren’t yet ready for? Moths/butterflies are also significant in relation to ArchAngel Auriel/Uriel (who presides over all creatures great & small on earth).

Interesting history with Count Vine. The Wheel also has a history similar in that the wheel “crushes the king” when he’s at the bottom. This usually happens in the Springtime so that a new king can be born or reign. This story repeats itself in Pagan myth with the Strength card (also a lion like your oracle card there?) where the Crone of winter dies and is reborn as the Maiden in the Spring/Early Summer and Mother in the Summer/Fall. Any issues around parenting/mothering right now?

In your discussion of the oracle card, you mentioned that Count Vine associates with the Sun and the element of Air. As I mentioned Auriel/Uriel and the Moth/Butterfly (and air insect) I’ll also mention here that the two Court Cards that can associate with this is the King and Queen of Swords… The “Monarchs”. If you look at the classic RWS cards you’ll actually see monarch butterflies on the cards.
The King of Swords is the General that you want to see coming in after a battle is over because he can rebuild a city in a timely and efficient manner. No moment is wasted and is a tough task-master.

The Queen of Swords is also known as the “Mask-cutter”. She can identify a traiter in her midst because she knows the faces of every person in her kingdom. She can also see through a dis-guise. In relation to you looking for or revealing the danger in your midst I’d say you’d want her on your side. She puts her head/logic before emotions, so if this is a question about a relationship, then it might be suggesting to stop being so emotional, and to look at the situation as impartially as possible. I’ve seen it mentioned that the only way to get off the cycle of the Wheel is to become Justice, to sit at the center of the rotation and to look at things calmly (unlike that damsel in distress there). The lioness does the same thing when she’s hunting (because not only does she raise the young, she also does all the hunting. She has to wait patiently in the tall grass and watch for her prey).

I would say you have a good chance at seeing what danger may be lurking around you. There might also be a lesson in here about fear. Fear often arises when you need a lesson in courage.

Numerically you’ve got 45 = 4+5=9 (tie-ing up loose ends) and 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 (new beginnings). This happens to be pretty significant because we’re in week 49 of the calendar year and this week is all about tieing up loose ends from the past and learning from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them over and over again (Like the wheel).

Well, that’s it I think. I know it’s a lot but for some reason your draw really got me thinking. Hopefully there’s something here in the notations that will strike you as relevant and help you interpret your draw in regards to your situation.

It struck me while reading this that we are ALL feeling this change because of the transition we’re in with the ending of an Aeon on December 21st. Nobody knows what to expect, but those of us that are aware of the change in social consciousness are responding in various degrees to this energy. You’re not alone in this


The Moon and Haagenti

Another Moon! Also I remembered just now that the first Fallen Angel card I drew on Sunday was related to the Moon. Okay well obviously there is a message. I was looking at this Moon card again from the Ludy Lescot deck, and another thing that came to mind was being careful where you tread until you can see things clearly, kind of, don’t leave home without a map.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door……”

Lots of messages in this Moon card. I will look at my oracle card and see if this sheds any light on how I should be reading the Moon today.

From the Angels Oracle I drew card 67, Haagenti, who was according to the Goetia, the 48th spirit demon evoked by Solomon.  The planet associated with this demon is Mercury … quicksilver..illusive and changeable. Haagenti is represented by a large bull, but could also change into a man and a gryphon. When in human form he would teach men to be wise.  The bull who is shown on the card carved on a tombstone, was a symbol of St Luke, the evangelist, and a physician. Also shown on the card, are a skull and a pestle and mortar, tools of the alchemist. Haagenti is patron of alchemy and the healing arts. Alchemy, simply, is the art of changing something into its purest possible form. For us humans, this form is spirit.

The Moon from Ludy Lescot Tarot and Haagenti from Fallen Angels Oracle

The message of Haagenti is rest, renewal, healing and transformation, even a holiday.

Looking at both the cards and trying to see how they relate to each other, maybe I need to move on, walk out of the mist and through those gates of healing and renewal, where the way is clearly lit.  Could be that my castle is too safe, too much of a prison, certainly the walls look as if they are looming over the landscape and the ghostly figure.

I thought today about holidays, about hiring a bus or just going someplace different for a week with the kids. If I was away from here, maybe I would see the way ahead clearer, find the path of transformation. Become less of a ghost in my own life……… !


Ludy Lescot

This week’s deck of the week is the Ludy Lescot Tarot….  it is published by Lo Scarebo and the artwork is by Patrizio Evangelisti. I really like this deck, I love the colouring and the artwork, so I am looking forward to getting to know it better this week.

Instead of just choosing one card for a Daily Draw I decided to draw three, for some clarification of whats going on with me. I asked:

1. What I should be careful about
2. What I should worry less about
3. Best thing to do for me in the next few days.

These are the cards I drew:

Moon, 7 of Wands and Knave of Pentacles – Ludy Lescot Tarot

1. The Moon

I have certainly had my fair share of Moon or Moon related cards in the past few weeks! Mind you with the recent Moon cycle beginning with a total eclipse of the Sun it’s not surprising! I love this card, it shows the castle walls and the great portal…. gates to the otherworld. There is a ghostly figure who looks as if she may be floating through the mist but this could be just the ethereal quality that ist creates. There is a distinct Man in the Moon looking down on the scene and below him is a bright Star. Half the face of the Moon is in shadow.

The Moon is about illusions, and emotions, who is experiencing what? The Moon watches over the world of our dreams, when we could the ghost and the dream figures real. This scene feels very peaceful, but will peace last beyond the night. I think this figure is asking the Moon for help…. the Moon is my ruling planet, I often ask for guidance, and the Moon has sent a guiding star. There is a way out beyond those great pillars, but I need to know which direction I am heading in or I coud become lost in the mists.

The LWB suggests you give a face to the ghosts or illusion, face it and let it go, and then you too will be freed.

2. Seven of Wands

The LWB says:

“Love peace, but if you must fight, fight furiously and never retreat even one step.”

The guy in the card could be attacking, or he could be defending himself with the wand he carries. I can only see 5 shadowy wands coming at him. I wonder if the fire is caused by the seventh wand burning? They are after all the fire element in the Tarot. He seems to have walked through the fire, maybe he set light to the wand to ward off danger? Whatever he doesn’t seem to be about to give up and back down.
I can see very clearly, a skull engraved into the tree directly at the point of the mans right elbow. This may just be my vision today, and it could well disappear tomorrow never to be seen again, but right now I would give it some weight. I see it as the strength and wisdom of the older wiser ones that have gone before, supporting this guy while he is holding his own.

3. Knave of Pentacles

A young man dressed in baggy white poets shirt sits at a desk writing. A candle beside him lights his globe and behind him are shelves of books. On his desk are a skull, a dagger, a coin with the eye in the triangle symbol engraved upon it, more books, a compass and possibly a map. The chair behind him is engraved with a Tudor rose. This dude is the total student, of the history and geography, metaphysics and alchemy… and whatever else is concealed within the pages of his books.

Perhaps he is the eternal student, who goes back to his books again and again, that would be me. The skull represents cycles of things and the ancestorsm our history and heritage. The eye in the triangle is the Eye of Providence, or the ‘All seeing Eye’ …. to remind us we are watched at all times, by our conscience if nothing else. The compass is a symbol of the Freemasons, traditionally seen with a  carpenters square, it may have many meanings, but the one I recall is the union of body and soul, of the two halves of man. How this symbol came about I don’t know… one to look up!  The rose to me is representative of England, and fairy tales…, but there are lots of legends surrounding the rose which I like. Apparently apprentice Masons were given a long stemmed rose at the beginning of their training. It was supposed to represent them with their core hidden in all the petals. But as the rose ages, and becomes more open, the petals unfold to reveal what is within. Nice analogy, for discovering hidden truths about us and the universe. With all this symbolism and all the signs of the scholar, this guy seems to me to be the ultimate page or knave.


The  message here seems quite clear…. beware of illusions and the hidden side of things.. the other side of the face. Face your ghosts and let them go. I don’t meed to be as defensive as I feel I must, I can stand my ground if I have to, but it is something I don’t need to worry too much about right now.
The best thing for me to do this next few days, is to continue to learn, inner and outer lessons. To bring my inner learning out into my life and into the world. Maybe my art. I did get an order for a bag yesterday!

Very interesting deck… I do like it. Some of the cards seem to be far from the traditional RWS system initially, but they are not really too far out. As far as the LWB goes…. well… whi needs these things anyway!!!

Fallen Angels

Last week I was originally going to use my Fallen Angels Oracle, but the Faerie’s chimed in and wouldn’t let me, so I had to use them instead. However, now they are sleeping.. shhhhhhh

I love this oracle, love the images, I have always loved graveyards and stone angels, would love to get the Graven Image oracle too. There are  72 cards in this baby, which is a lot more than your average oracle deck  :)
Today I drew Phoenix, the angel of Rebirth…. the angel sits against a fiery background with the ghost of the phoenix rising in the flames. The new born child grasps the knee of the angel. There is a stringed musical instrument and bow, possibly a violin standing next to the two figures. On the floor by the angels feet, there are some books. The overall colours of the card are orange and golds. The element of this card is Fire, and it’s planet is the Moon.

Phoenix – Fallen Angels Oracle

The Phoenix is an age old symbol of rebirth, new life rising from the ashes of the old. Fire is the element of artists and creators, it brings energy and passion… I love to feel that joy and fire that I only know when I am in the middle of creating something new. The Moon brings deeper understanding of the sub conscious, she also represents the cycles of life, reflection and looking deeper. It seems strange to see Fire and the Moon together, but I suppose there is a connection as the Moon and the Phoenix and continually reborn.

This card guides you to use music and poetry to inspire you and others, and to refresh you and feed your spirit for this new chapter of life. Interesting, seeing as I was just sent an email link from my poets group about some summer workshops, to be held locally. One of the workshops is on singing and songwriting! I was asking my friend yesterday whether I should go or not, due to the cost… but it would be nice. I have always wanted to sing better.. and find out how to put my words to music. The card also reminds me of Charlie who left on Friday. I miss him so much. We shared so much music and he really got me into playing my guitar again and thinking about writing more songs :)


Strength in the Shadows

Today’s cards cover the energy of today and yesterday, as I didn’t get to do a daily draw yesterday. I was trying to get some of my online work completed and Firefox kept crashing. I have tried everything but it is still crashing, have sent in reports but doubt I will hear anything. It’s been happening constantly for the past 4 days, on many different sites. So…. I shall have to try either Chrome or Safari. Just checked and woohoo… I can get the Evernote Web Clipper for both these browsers :) I *LOVE* Evernote!

I feel very connected to the messages on today’s two cards. From The Faerie’s I drew Lys of the Shadows, and from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight I got Strength.

Lys of the Shadows, is a true light in the darkness, one of the Sidhe, whose energies can be used for good or for negative purposes. We as humans have the choice of how we use this assistance. The light coming from this faeries’ person is gentle warming and healing…. which would give us a clue of the right way, but the Fey do not judge… free will is all, even when it goes wrong. All we can do is to shine a light on the right path, by example.

According to the book by Jessica Macbeth Lys of the Shadows appears when someone is ready to be healed… a lost soul to be found. Lys gets down among the needy folk and is not afraid to get her wings torn or her hands dirty, even though it may hurt her sometimes. In this instance I believe that I am being given the energy I need to help another soul in this world, whom I had almost given up on, to find the path back to who they were, before they got lost in the darkness. It feels far too big a job for me, but maybe I can help.  I feel this is how it is. I feel honored to have drawn this card today, when thoughts like this were already in my mind. I need that energy. Let me use it with the wisdom of the Fey. Thanks Faeries.

Lys of the Shadows – Faeries’ Oracle, and Strength – Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Strength from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight is the most wonderful card…. I think my favourite strength card so far. It has so many dimensions and truly conveys the meaning of strength as I see it. A woman faces a lion with his mouth open, teeth bared, she holds her mask away from her face so she is showing him her true self, her very inner being. Only when we are most ourselves, without pretense or pride can we be truly strong. Strength comes from a place deep within us, where the light is great enough to outshine fear, if we let it come through. So often I hear people who talk only through their Ego, not from who they really are, and I feel sad. It must be true bondage to be afraid to be you.

There is what looks like a very old stone Goddess figure in the background of this card, she carries two pots in perfect balance. She is the background, the roots of the strength of this female who looks into the eyes of fear without flinching. The strength of the female is in gentleness, not attack, in standing steadfast in the light of who you truly are. The Goddess shows the strength of women throughout time, the balance of energy. This wasn’t achieved by trying to be like men, but by balancing their energies with ours. It seems so much of this wisdom has become lost in today’s world.

One more character in this amazing card is Yoda ..the ancient wise Jedi Master from Star Wars. He appears here as an origami figure… another symbol of strength, the deceptive strength of paper, and a message that being small of stature is no judge of your true strength. The quotes below, from Yoda, all have a message relating to both the Strength card and Lys of the Shadows.

To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, the danger there is, of losing who we are.

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be….. for the dark side looks back.

To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose.  Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night.

The Jedi use light sabres as their weapons, to cast light onto the dark, it all just goes so well with these two cards and their messages. It really feels like they came up at the exact right time, just when I needed to hear this advice.

These two cards also strongly relate to something else that has changed in my life too. Especially the shadowy side of Lys, which is bondage and addiction. I used to drink almost every day, maybe a glass of wine, maybe a bottle, or a beer or two… never heavy stuff but escape all the same. The past couple of months, not only have I not wanted to drink, I haven’t been able to! It makes me feel nauseous and very unwell, depressed and out of control of my life. I just don’t need to escape from my life right now… gotta be good!

Shroud for the Zombies!

A few days ago I received my long awaited  Zombie Apocalypse Tarot. Ok this is a large deck as Tarot decks go, but nowhere near as large as the box it came in!! Just look at this waste…. not to mention expensive shipping. Thankfully The Game Crafter are addressing the issue and were keen to hear the thoughts of Tarot collectors, which is good to hear. I shall continue to support them.. we all have to learn.

Large Box with Lots of Brown Paper …… and Zombies!

So.. time to meet some of the Zombies…. I am actually very fond of them!

A few of the Zombies Up Close      

Because the bag that came with the deck was very very flimsy and plastic-like and not at all a suitable place to keep such a collection of self respecting Zombies, I had to make them a special shroud.. of course! You can see part of it in the photo above… I dyed the inside to give a blood soaked bandage effect :-/

The photo below shows the gorgeous Zombie blood red Moon and the outside of their shroud, it was all made from old hand dyed and torn fabrics and a ton of free machine embroidery.

Zombies with Shroud          

I did actually use real first aid gauze and bandages in the making of the shroud… I even sewed through my thumb once, so there may be a touch of blood in the mix too ;)


Close Up of Bloodied Bandage!

The last two photo’s show the shroud wrapped around the deck, I stitched one end into a pocket so they dont fall out and get even more damaged!!

Zombie Shroud with Ripped Edges
Other Side of Shroud

And if you ever fancy a custom made shroud, wrap or bag for a special deck… I do make them to order, just give me a shout!

The Magicians’ Song

The Magician from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and Ekstasis from The Faeries’ Oracle…. Interesting to get two cards numbered one and two in their respective decks. Could this mean new energy is beginning? Both cards are good energy cards, especially Ekstasis… so it looks like a good turn up to me.

The Magician in this beautifully jewel coloured card looks as if maybe he ended up where he is without quite knowing how he got there. His is surrounded by the cosmos and all her secrets. Also around him are his books of learning, his globe of worldly knowledge and his magical pentacle. A little green kitty holds the pentacle, he is looking at it as if wondering why on earth the human Magician would need such a thing! Pah! doesn’t this dude realise that the magic is within us? Meowwwww… who needs shiny things! Especially when you have such an obviously clever familiar!

Although he has his wand, his sword and chalice and his cat has the pentacle,  all the magical and elemental tools of the Tarot, the only magical item the Magician is using is his crystal ball, and he is looking straight into the readers eyes as if wondering whether or not he should pass on what he has seen. Is the viewer ready to hear what he has to say?  He looks very kindly and humble. He has a feather in his hat like the Fool, but then of course the only wise man is the Fool. I like the Magician and the Fool both being represented in one card.

Ekstasis – The Faeries’ Oracle and The Magician – Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Ekstasis is the song of Unity, the higher being, and the connection between us and all that is around is. It is the moment of joy we feel leap in our hearts when we feel that supreme trust in the Universe. Ecstasy… this brilliant burst of pure energy that lights us and lifts us somewhere beyond this world.
A great companion to have around. This card like the Magician is about going for it, being on the right path, and a new beginning. It also has the effect of empowering the cards around it and intensifying their energy. The transition of the blues to sparkling silvery white is uplifting in itself and feel very calm. Usually when I feel those moments no effort is needed except to accept and to be. I see this card as permission  to be as me as I can be… with no apologies to Dr Seuss ;)

After yesterdays Full Moon reading about endings and cycles coming to a close…. it seems very auspicious that I get these two cards today which are so clearly about new beginnings….!