This guy has something going…

It is wet and my pond (where all the willow branches live) is flooded, but I need to collect branches for further Light Nelson doings….

While procrastinating,  I found this article. Shame I didn’t find it when we were doing the mural project, but there is something about this guy’s work… that I feel in some part if me that I can’t quite identify.

Check this article about Syrian artists Tammam Azzam.

Apparently these images are created by the artist in Photoshop, but I thought these two were projected… wow, would have loved to do something like this for Light Nelson. Next year…



Images sourced from: Huffington Post


What a beautiful mind!


Wow, I just watched this TED talk by French artist JR.

I am so inspired and humbled by this guy, and his projects. What a beautiful mind! There will be more abut my thoughts on this but for now, I am too filled with awe to make words here.
Just go and watch it…



Color Jam

Jessica Stockholder is a professor on the board of the visual arts department at the University of Chicago. In 2012 she created a street art exhibition which she called ‘Color Jam’. The video below shows an interview with the artist and she talks about why she did it. Her approach is exactly the kind of approach I would take. I want street art to lighten people, to become part of the street and for the street to become part of the art.

I love this concept.

Here are some more photo’s of Color Jam courtesy of The Chicago Tribune.




I love the way the light effects the colours, in the movie you can see how shadows are thrown onto the huge splashes of colour, changing it again. It is the beautiful minds like Jessica’s that allow my  mind to experience the sublime. Just feeling the joy, when you come across something like this, it really lifts you inside, experiencing it as an artist and a viewer.