Thoughts on Poetry

This morning on RNZ I heard Wellingtonian performance poet, Ali Jacs, who is our national slam poet,  speaking about what poetry is to her. I loved her take, she doesn’t enjoy reading poetry from a book in the traditional way, but loves to hear the different voices that performance poets put to their own work and that of others. Poetry feels very three dimensional when read with real energy, passion and even some aggression.

After the program I listened to a few performance poets on youtube, one of whom was featured in my previous post, Denice Frohman. A fantastic poet, it was no surprise she won the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam held earlier this month. I love the rawness of her art and performance, her poem Dear Straight People shows this perfectly…

More performance poetry!! I would love to have a whole session doing performance, bringing the pages alive, letting the world know what poetry is and where it came from, it was never meant to stay in books.

In another interview I heard Therese Lloyd, another New Zealand Poet talked about her newly published book of poems; ‘Other Animals’ , the interviewer on RNZ actually said that poetry had nothing to do with art…. WTF!!!! Poetry is ART.  ART is POETRY – get over it… Please….