More Shadow Making Ideas …

I found this lamp made from recycled drinks cartons…, I love the idea, although I would like a more organic, free form pattern.

shadow-effect-of-Elegant-Looking-Lamps-Made-of-Recycled-Drink-PacketsImage retrieved on 19/5/15 from:

Then I found this:

xshadow-lamp-shade.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.U1X_WNRC8f Image retrieved on 19/5/14 from:

We could make this from recycled card, but using tree’s…instead of figures. I wonder what the lighting source is to create those strong shadows? Also how far from the walls the lamp is?

Christian Boltanski

One of the first artists I looked at connected with Shadows and Light, was a guy I discovered when looking at the Ready-Made, for Visual Culture; French artist Christian Boltanksi.

I am posting this photo here because I love it… I have looked at getting photos onto large sheets for our project but it is not something that can be done on a low budget, but I will bear this one in mind… it reminds me of a hospital ward, with the wheeled screens, like the ones they draw around beds for privacy. I considered projecting images but then to do something like this you would need several projectors, plus a lot more space than we have available. One can but dream…!

This guy works a lot with light and he is definitely one of my influential artists.


Image retrieved on 20/5/2014 from:

Shadow on the wall…

This morning we presented our concept for Light Nelson…

It was a crazy busy day and I am totally exhausted now but my brain will not sleep. I thought over and over about our concept and I really think it may be taking on too much, especially where the construction of the “tent’ which will form the heap is involved

I also took on board some input from the tutors concerning the use of treated wood and maybe using books could be taken wrongly by some people and give a different message to the public. Even after deciding not to use books and to only use gum branches from my garden or other natural, untreated wood, I am still not happy,

So… I thought more about light, and years spent photographing light and how it creates it’s own art. I remembered a photo I took a few years ago:

GhostI copy

Unfortunately I am unable to find the original image at the moment, but you get the gist, it is an image of myself taken from the top of a flight of steps , but I appear at the bottom of the steps as a ghost or shadow. I love stuff like this and I got very excited about using shadows and light for the project, and concentrating on the concept of light and shadow rather than having to worry about building safe teepee structures. I also think it is more fitting for the brief which is after all about working with light, and not using light as an aside to the main focus as it were.

So in the dark hours of insomnia I have been researching artists to inspire these thoughts, and I found this:


And this is what I want to create. Will approach the guys tomorrow :) Now for some sleep…

Oh and I cannot get this song out of my head:

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The Spell #26

Not thinking
only feeling
with unseeing eyes
the dying vine
lime bronze on cerulean blue
strong strong coffee
(I made it for two)
and my pillow
that still smells of you

a roll of building paper
left on the deck
hot and waxy
casts a shadow
on the weatherboard
below the arched window
and your silhouette
still standing there
but out of reach

your hair
in my hairbrush
a willow wand waving
and poof
like an amaretti wrapper
you are gone
no more than a wisp
of smoke
and a wish

Symbols of Winter #25

enlightened morning
wisps of smoke shows signs of life
survival signals

white symbols of peace
zen shadows land like snowflakes
origami cranes

so close to the edge
trippy rainbow bubble clouds
the sink overflows

The Fools and the Wise Man #12

I walk with the banjo player
down to the river
where the alto mourns his lost love
to the sound of a lonely cello
it doesn’t feel right to dance

a guru in the hedge
lights a cigar
the smoke makes us cough
it is cold, our breath frozen
transparent wispy shadows

we stamp our feet
blow into our cupped hands
wrap ourselves tighter
in our Indian blankets
and keep searching for the sun

the guru turns away
to the smells of the bar
warm whiskey waiting
he knows the sun is lost
he saw it fall into the water