I see me in her…

I love it when you pre-order something months before it is made, and then almost forget about it, so that when it arrives it is just like a present from the Man in the Moon, or some other benevolent being.

Today, my Bohemian Gothic Tarot – Third Edition, arrived from Baba Studio in Prague.

It. Is. Gorgeous.

Actually make that: They. Are. Gorgeous, as I also got a mini version of the deck.

Bohemian Gothic Tarot 3rd Edition

As with the first two editions, the images have been altered slightly, some more than others and the backs are completely new. There s an extra new Lovers card in both the large and small deck, which is nice to have. I hope one day Baba do a deck with a Happy Squirrel card. The mini deck has the most stunning gilded backs and the cards just slide through your hand like water, but as they are small they are easy to keep hold of. I love them. I can’t stop shuffling, letting them slide from one hand to the next, it’s kind of like playing with a Slinky toy.

Bohemian Gothic Tarot 3rd Edition – Lovers Cards

The cardstock used in these decks is my favourite so far, although I do love all my Baba card stock.

Oh and I got a bag too… I chose the Seven of Cups design… I see me in her…