The Model Dudes

So here are Jemarve and Staju, proudly modelling their new shirts :)


And then it was Purple…

Today was great… Cheri and I managed to print eight T-Shirts almost perfectly. I was playing around with colours, just like a pro, in no time at all.  We had quite a production line going. My first experimental print was a shirt for Cheri, it looks great, and so very Ms Luck :)


Then I did some for the boys, Russ and myself. I am feeling quite accomplished this afternoon :) I love playing in the workshop!


The Screenprinting Trials


So, today I took the images I designed, and Symon our awesome technician made up two screens. Then we had a few obstacles to leap over!



Firstly because we were intending to print in white on a black surface we had forgotten to invert the image…. it took me a while to work out why the first test print looked a bit odd:


As you can see Russ looks rather like a black & white minstrel!


So it was back to the drawing board, or rather Photoshop. Meanwhile I had some fun playing around with the acetates. I love to play with transparencies.