Give me a pumpkin anyday…

…over a glass slipper that is…

I collected a whole heap of gum bark from the garden and took it into college on Monday, for further experimentation with our spooky, forest shadow-throwing, lampshade.


The gum is very strong and springy, so I came up with the brilliant idea of wrapping it around the giant pumpkins (ya know, the ones prepared earlier…), and taping it so the weight of the pumpkin would press the bark into a rough globe-like shape.


After a couple of days I will turn them over so that the weight is on the other half of the gum bark.


Anyway, that’s the plan so far.

I think I have almost nailed the type of light source we need too, after many hours of research… and playing with tea lights etc. The source of light must be small, and the bulb or glass must be clear for sharp shadows. Frosted or pearl type bulbs are no good, as they diffuse the light far too much to give shadows, which is of course exactly why they are made that way for domestic use!