Found Art (of mine…)


I found a few old things I have done with a Barbara Kruger, slight, similarity. Even though I had no idea who she was back then.

I quite like some of these images, which is praise indeed from me. Once I have created something I usually cannot wait to see it gone! For me it usually is all about the process, which is probably why I don’t make clothes, or curtains for myself !


Winter RBAs I said earlier, I love red white and black together.



Thia one I like quite a lot…, the hand, the figure running away, the watery heart.


Dark-Garden copy

This is an old digital collage from about 11 years ago. That wee fairy is 13 years old now! I love fairy tales and I love Yeats.


I am not sure how much closer this brings me towards my identity as an artist, but every little helps.


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