Old Cards – New Tricks…

I have been interested in learning about the Lenormand oracle and reading system for a couple of years now, but have not ventured further than admiring the many decks available, and lusting after a couple. As I have had a few weeks of more or less study freedom I thought I may try to get started. I decided the best way, (not to mention the most economical and potentially rewarding), would be to get an ordinary playing card deck and make my own.

My Homemade Lenormand Playing Card Deck

I took a playing card deck, a packet of OHP permanent markers, a fine permanent black Sharpie and a roll of white correction tape. I got my details and keywords for the cards from the Learn Lenormand website.

My Homemade Lenormand Playing Card Deck

I numbered each card and wrote the name on the top of the relevant cards from the playing card deck. So for the Rider, card number 1 in the Lenormand deck I used the Nine of Hearts. I screwed up on this card so had to bastardise another heart card to replace it! The words were written randomly with the fine Sharpie. I found that using the correction tape worked great for mistakes, and also for making white space to write the meanings on the court cards. You could also use white gouache.

My Homemade Lenormand Playing Card Deck

I found a lot of meanings for some of the cards, and now believe it would have been better to have one main keyword in large letters and a few in smaller writing. Anyway this is just the beginning, it can always be improved upon and developed. Katt, a fellow member of Aeclectic Tarot  told me they use three decks so there are three of each card with an alternate keyword on each. In this way, when you lay out the cards you get a scaffold, if you like, of a sentence and you just have to fill in the blanks.

Handmade Lenormand from Ordinary laying Cards

Anyway, I am sure I will have fun playing, and making this deck  gave me a lot of insight into the cards, in the same way that making your own Tarot Deck does. Lenormand is that bit easier to tackle as it only has half the number of cards! Another advantage of making your own deck is that ot gives you a basis to review other decks on the market before buying. Like everything in life it is ogod to have a go yourself  in order to appreciate what goes into something.

I am happy :) I shall make it a bag now… a cute wee one!

Handmade Lenormand from Ordinary laying Cards

Fallen Angels

Last week I was originally going to use my Fallen Angels Oracle, but the Faerie’s chimed in and wouldn’t let me, so I had to use them instead. However, now they are sleeping.. shhhhhhh

I love this oracle, love the images, I have always loved graveyards and stone angels, would love to get the Graven Image oracle too. There are  72 cards in this baby, which is a lot more than your average oracle deck  :)
Today I drew Phoenix, the angel of Rebirth…. the angel sits against a fiery background with the ghost of the phoenix rising in the flames. The new born child grasps the knee of the angel. There is a stringed musical instrument and bow, possibly a violin standing next to the two figures. On the floor by the angels feet, there are some books. The overall colours of the card are orange and golds. The element of this card is Fire, and it’s planet is the Moon.

Phoenix – Fallen Angels Oracle

The Phoenix is an age old symbol of rebirth, new life rising from the ashes of the old. Fire is the element of artists and creators, it brings energy and passion… I love to feel that joy and fire that I only know when I am in the middle of creating something new. The Moon brings deeper understanding of the sub conscious, she also represents the cycles of life, reflection and looking deeper. It seems strange to see Fire and the Moon together, but I suppose there is a connection as the Moon and the Phoenix and continually reborn.

This card guides you to use music and poetry to inspire you and others, and to refresh you and feed your spirit for this new chapter of life. Interesting, seeing as I was just sent an email link from my poets group about some summer workshops, to be held locally. One of the workshops is on singing and songwriting! I was asking my friend yesterday whether I should go or not, due to the cost… but it would be nice. I have always wanted to sing better.. and find out how to put my words to music. The card also reminds me of Charlie who left on Friday. I miss him so much. We shared so much music and he really got me into playing my guitar again and thinking about writing more songs :)