NaPoWriMo Winner 2013 !!


Day – 30 – Dream Poem

On day 30

I wake with a poem

made from a dream of an unfinished day

with no beginning

just the façade of a wrecked building

that may have been in college

We lost 2 rooms, but I found them

in my desk drawer

We were writing senryu which may have been cento

when everything faded away, another room  disappeared

We walked through flooded lawns to find it

somehwere my legs stopped working

I started conversations with strangers

asking them to choose the subject of my poem

hungry, I remembered some sandwiches

from another dream, and I found them in a locker

but they had gone moldy

The missing lesson was in a disused room

hidden away at the back of the campus

with ancient desks

all jumbled on top of each other

someone yelled, there was no toilet paper

the building was cold with hard grey carpet

there was dead stuff on the floor as we walked in

someone was trying to clear it up

In the lesson we had to write a letter

demanding payment

I said I knew how to do it perfectly

I was very confident about this

the thing to do I said,

was be sure to post it

in a neon pink envelope.

Day 29 – Wishes

Change your name and one another thing about yourself. Begin a poem “(your fictional name) wished”…whatever this new person would wish for.

– a prompt from Miz Quickly


Red wished she was standing

on a balcony in Venice

looking down on the dark canal

gentle slaps of tame seawater

saltiness scenting the night

snow falling straight down from the sky

it’s a night when prayers are answered

but if there is only this

it is magic enough


Day 28 – Tabby


Twenty one

years ago I cried

because I knew that

I only had a short time left

before we became separate beings

and I would meet you

face to face

for the first time

Day 27 – If

If I was a poem

my first verse would be

the words and smells around me

in a café on a cold winter day

watching snowflakes

melt on the steamy window


If I were a picture

I would be a black and white polaroid

blown up to giant size

on the wall of a white

painted loft, in New York

on Christmas Eve


If I were a movie I would

be written by Charles Bukowski

directed by Tim Burton

with Michael Douglas

playing the out of work writer

in pyjamas.


If I were a song

I would be Bring Him Home

from Les Miserables

sung by Colm Wilkinson


Today I am a train journey

passing through

all of these things

and sometimes

one of them


is who I am


Day 26 – Moonflower

(inspired by Tennyson’s Lady of Shallot)


She stands by the river

watches shadows appear

from the past

as it flows by

carrying ghostly barges

through the purple night


Silently she nods a blessing

for who would hear her

whisper her magic

except the moon


When the curse comes

born on the ray of sun

raining down on her like death

she falls from her stage

into the fairground mirror of water


The show is over

her song quiet as the morning light

nothing left

but her cast off cloak

its stars dimming as it drifts downstream


An origami flower

that came to life

to bear witness

in the dark

Day 25 – Robert Lee Brewer Prompt

Everyone breathes


dead people

Day 24 – Quatern (with a twist…)


I saw it in the Tarot cards

a woman on the boat

lying on her bunk below

where all her daydreams float


remember how you lost your hat

it swirled into my crystal ball

Losing it was no accident

It was never who you are


A café by the roadside

full of gratitude and peace

I dreamed it on a summer night

In my imperfect life


and now you want to claim me back

I don’t need to play a part

You cannot hurt me anymore

I scratched you off my heart

Giant Knitted Poem

Giant Knitted Poem

Day 23 – Triolet


The willow sings her autumn song

for soon she’ll dance with fiery limbs

proud to show her naked form

The willow sings her autumn song

for all her leaves will soon be gone

ripped from her by winters winds

The willow sings her autumn song

for soon she’ll dance with fiery limbs