Reflections on Bikes Blues & Metal Guitars

Today we had our review session on the exhibition in the gallery, all the students and Graeme our tutor gave us feedback.


The students found it hard to fault, and the two comments that were made were things I had already though about, so that was encouraging.

Graeme gave us some really good feedback, which should help the whole class with their exhibitions… lucky them to have had this session. It feels good that our exhibition brought up the opportunity for Graeme to respond with so much good food for thought.

Graeme talked about how we could have done it differently, and used my original concept of reproducing a workshop feel, transforming the space. I would have loved to have done this, but it wasn’t to everyone in our groups taste. Given that in our group of five we have 4 different cultural backgrounds that’s not surprising!!  Also the very short time we had to set up was prohibitive, but yes we could still have done something more like a workshop.

I really liked the idea of just having the bike and the guitars, and no pictures or other art. I could have made a photobook, and we could have had the couch that we originally talked about putting in. On hindsight this is something I would definitely consider.


Cheri and I talked it over later though and we both feel we did a great job and the reaction of the public supports this.

Russ loved it, all the visitors loved it, and his in-laws saw him in a totally new way. Had we used the workshop format it would have been like visiting Russ in his workshop, but because we celebrated him in a gallery setup, his friends and family saw him in another light.

A big part of the event was the gig at the opening event… those who were unable to attend missed out on the public feedback, the amazing atmosphere and of course the fantastic music. The opening night, to quote Russ, was ‘totally amazing‘.

It’s over now, the gallery is empty, the holes are filled and it’s all ready for a new exhibition next week. I look forward to it. I feel a bit flat after all the excitement, but I think a lot of that is exhaustion. I need to chill this weekend. But not before giving our group a big pat on the back.

If you were part of this event, in any way, then once again, I thank you.






Hallucinogenic Art

This is amazing… a whole new art form, I love it’s ephemerality (yes that is a word, I just invented it….), it is there and then it’s gone. man there are huge possibilities here, and all done by working the brain and the eyes, no drugs required! I have watched it about 20 times now, just for that uber cool buzzy visual effect.

Try it, I dare you… but have the sound on and follow the instructions carefully :)

Video by Alexander Blu, retrieved on 8/5/2014 from  YouTube.



It’s getting closer…


Russ Weebley Banner

I am currently sick and dizzy and not up to much, especially driving, but this exhibition is calling me. Three of our group are sick, so I have decided we will probably go with printable email invites. I an hoping to design some today and get them out. It is a compromise but then we have out a lot of hard work into this, and I will maybe make some special momento postcards or something, for those who are lucky enough to attend the opening event. Meanwhile I built a special website and bought a domain name for our show :) Check out:


Here is an audio clip of Russ playing one of his handcrafted guitars:


Foxygen Magic

Foxygen – San Francisco (Official Video) (by FoxygenVEVO)

IMHO this is rather wonderful, I love its decadence and the bohemian air of the video; it feels like Sunday morning. The music is just fabulous, it takes me somewhere back in time, or maybe just around the corner from today, I haven’t quite worked out where. It’s a very neat place to be though.

The songs opening lyrics are:

Up in the San Francisco where the forest meets the bridge
I thought I saw you standing there and then you fell onto the rails
But that was many years ago and I am so much older now
My brother is a soldier now
I can’t see them any how, I moved up in the wind
And you swimming up tide or just to the hand radio stations

There is something in these words, and the rest of the song that makes me want to delve deeper: into why I connected with it so strongly. Another part of me just wants to leave it to be what it is. The verses are so intense and full of images, while the chorus lines are more like breathing space between them. The chorus being repeated twice with just a change of one word seems to underline this need for time out to think, between all the activity within the verses themselves:

I left my love in San Francisco
That’s okay, I was bored anyway
I left my love in the room
That’s okay, I was born in L.A.

From a poets point of view I find this very clever, and whether it was intended by the writer or not it is something to think about, maybe Foxygen have found a new poetic device – breathing space! I will be on the look out for more of this in lyrics and poetry, and I definitely want  more of Foxygen!

Sonnet to Avalon

Bryan Ferry Singing Shakespeare’s Sonnet To Avalon Video (by TheRoxyManifesto)

Without Gravity


With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here’s Space Oddity, recorded on Station. A last glimpse of the World.

Huge thanks in the making of the video to the talented trio of Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran and Andrew Tidby, plus Evan Hadfield and all at the CSA.

Wow, this makes me go all funny inside and remember my original career choice.. to be a Moon Man!!!! I couldn’t say astronaut properly when I was 3….

Symphony of Science

Science is the poetry of reality.

Mr Wilkinson and the Lads

Colm Wilkinson-Four Tenors – Bring Him Home 

I like this, but mainly because of the wonderful, amazing Colm Wilkinson… mwaaaaaaah! I love that man!!

This is Amazing!

Amazing… just imagine this… turn the volume up, watch full screen and share!!

Anger is…………

Anger is like the top E string on my acoustic guitar, wound too tightly, pitched too high, until it snaps, the wire pings up and bites through the flesh, just below my eye, leaving a trail of blood drops, beading up to the surface; igniting a bonfire of regret deep inside.