Fragments that define us…


As part of the Identity project I am also working on smaller coloured and textured mixed media pieces which will support the larger posters. These will me made up of parts of my life that fit with the particular Bobby board. Things that are symbolic to my journey at that time. For my first experiments, I played with some paintings of special pieces of pottery that I got during my marriage. This will be stitched and embroidered with bits of my poetry.




I am afraid of paint, and painting and drawing.  Although I can do it when I want to, it is something I won’t allow myself to admit I can do, if that makes sense. I want to try and work with this and find out why I have this fear. I am making small drawings and paintings of fragments of my life that I have carried with me.

In my art I like to use old or recycled materials wherever possible, I like things that have stories, that can blend with my own story. The unfinished collage above is made up of old envelopes from birthday cards, baking paper from back in my marriage days, and other leftover pieces from old projects that I did in another life.