Parting Gift #22

So now you are gone
I wont see you again
for 9 moons
I wont have to listen
for your special ring on my phone
or keep spinach in the freezer just in case
none of the old diesel engines will be you
I wont have to wait because I know
you wont be coming
I will miss the waiting
hated the agony of the goodbye hug
I looked up and said I loved you
you looked down
took your mouth from mine
and said I know
and you walked to your truck
and turned around and smiled
and lifted your hand towards me
and shining inside it
was your heart

Creed #21

Last time it was me who left
but now I know
it doesn’t matter
which of us leaves
because I am always
the one left behind

fading fast
a vacant space

To live in this world
I must forget all else
delight in getting lost
being afraid
and feeling lonely
having nothing
but my freedom
and my belief
in a benevolent

Weather Forecast #19

dying flames
cast their ashes

passing through
leaves left behind

leaving soon
a bitter winter

Gathering Firewood #18

That last autumn
it was dark
moody and exciting
hungry and angry
waiting was a thrill
fired by the first drink
I wandered for hours
getting lost and falling
in the dark
all the time listening
for the sound of
an old diesel truck
one night the cows got in
and we met the neighbours
we thought the wife was stoned
I lost the goats
you didn’t come to help
and you lied about the cheese
that was the silliest thing
and pretty sad.
Its autumn again
24 moons later
and the darkening evenings
and the cold bite in the air
and the wood I gather for the fire
are as filled with you
as they are with the smell of woodsmoke
the snap of dry willow
and my rusty old dreams

Stranger #7

Arriving in a land
where noone knows you
have you really arrived at all
or just lost
non existence
in a sky blue hole
between the last place and this one
it feels like a dream
noone see’s you in the dreamscape
but you watch them
through gauzy cloud curtains
or ragged gaps
between branches
you can hear them
but you don’t understand their language
so not wishing to be rude
you wait
for a sign
that its ok
to come out of hiding