Shadow Research

I have done a lot of research the past couple of days on making shadows and the best bulbs to use. I worked out last week that a clear bulb would be best, but  yesterday I found a great web page here. The diagram below is from the page, and it confirms my theory. Diffused light (which is the effect of frosting a bulb) is absolutely no good.


Also found some more interesting information on wikipedia.

Of course candles make the best shadows, but these are not really viable for this project. Although, tea lights made ultra safe are both eco friendly and atmospheric, they may just do the trick!

I have some fabulous cut glass saucers that I found in junk shops, and if you stand a tealight in the centre the shadows it throws around are fabulous. I also used to have a beautiful Moroccan candle lantern like the one below… again fantastic shadows…


We will get there. Meanwhile I have been researching theorists, fascinating stuff.

I am seriously thinking of becoming a shadow artist.


More Shadow Making Ideas …

I found this lamp made from recycled drinks cartons…, I love the idea, although I would like a more organic, free form pattern.

shadow-effect-of-Elegant-Looking-Lamps-Made-of-Recycled-Drink-PacketsImage retrieved on 19/5/15 from:

Then I found this:

xshadow-lamp-shade.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.U1X_WNRC8f Image retrieved on 19/5/14 from:

We could make this from recycled card, but using tree’s…instead of figures. I wonder what the lighting source is to create those strong shadows? Also how far from the walls the lamp is?

Shadow on the wall…

This morning we presented our concept for Light Nelson…

It was a crazy busy day and I am totally exhausted now but my brain will not sleep. I thought over and over about our concept and I really think it may be taking on too much, especially where the construction of the “tent’ which will form the heap is involved

I also took on board some input from the tutors concerning the use of treated wood and maybe using books could be taken wrongly by some people and give a different message to the public. Even after deciding not to use books and to only use gum branches from my garden or other natural, untreated wood, I am still not happy,

So… I thought more about light, and years spent photographing light and how it creates it’s own art. I remembered a photo I took a few years ago:

GhostI copy

Unfortunately I am unable to find the original image at the moment, but you get the gist, it is an image of myself taken from the top of a flight of steps , but I appear at the bottom of the steps as a ghost or shadow. I love stuff like this and I got very excited about using shadows and light for the project, and concentrating on the concept of light and shadow rather than having to worry about building safe teepee structures. I also think it is more fitting for the brief which is after all about working with light, and not using light as an aside to the main focus as it were.

So in the dark hours of insomnia I have been researching artists to inspire these thoughts, and I found this:


And this is what I want to create. Will approach the guys tomorrow :) Now for some sleep…

Oh and I cannot get this song out of my head:

Image sourced on 19/5/14 from:


The Trash Heap

Our latest concept is a rubbish heap… see concept and sketches below:




We thrashed this out some over Facebook, and we will be presenting it to the tutors on Monday 19th May.


Light Nelson… more thoughts

Originally I intended to go solo with this project. Group work can be rewarding and inspiring, but it can also be incredibly stressful and frustrating! Anyway I was approached by Ben and Van Van who wanted to work with me so we are now a group! BB&VV! WE talked about my original idea for the project which was based around my habitat of a Tarot Reader and a reader in general.

Below I have posted one of the concept sketches I drew… The guys liked this idea but then we were brainstorming and I came up with another idea which we all jumped on… See next post!














It’s all about the B word…

When it comes to habitat, I like my cave… not the cold wet slimy kind, but the kind with a warm hearth and books… lots and lots and lots of books… books everywhere, and Tarot cards and art stuff.

So… my project (actually our project now) is going to be along those lines… books, Tarot, warmth and of course recycling, which is a big part of my art anyway.

Some very funky stuff has been done with books…


bookcell-lead01-537x390\ Brian-Dettmer5-537x402


See what I mean?

Images retrieved on 12/5/2014 from




A Shiny New Project…

Back to college tomorrow and a shiny new project! This next one is Light Nelson… We have to create an installation using bot light and recycled materials on the theme of habitat. I have been thinking about what I want to do for mine all year, so I have my concept all ready to go.

Originally this was going to be a group project but then they changed that,  and said we could do it either in a group of our choice or individually, which I have to say I am happy about! So I decided to go solo… until last week. I received  emails from two other students asking if they could be part of my group. Anyway I met them on Friday and told them my concept and they are both very keen. So now it has become a group project again… that’s ok, it can be bigger and better, and I look forward to their input. Plus they can be my ‘heavies’ should there be anything I can’t handle about the installation. So I am welcoming aboard Van Van and Ben.

Hmmmmm…. so I guess I will spill the beans about what I am doing… watch this space… meanwhile here is a clue:


Looking Forward…

Tomorrow we have to show the PowerPoint presentation… it is ready… just! Jemarve and I did it between us, he is great at the animated stuff, and he made the most *AWESOME* 3D model of our building in Google Sketch. I just finished adding the final touches and getting the colours all in theme.

I have never been a fan of PowerPoint and I wish we could use Prezi or stop motion video for presentations, but maybe I just need to get better at this Microsoft stuff.

In the meantime I have been thinking about the next group project, (Light Nelson), and I have ideas brewing already. Something I would really like to do, with Leigh and whoever else wants to play. If it can’t fit into a group theme, I may propose it on my own…

Oh and I believe that we start a new individual project tomorrow… *EXCITED* !

Here is a shot from last year’s Light Nelson.