Constructed Identity…

Well, yesterday’s late night, looking through my old art and thinking about identity and what it means to me, definitely revved me up for today. I was up at first light, drinking black tea, (I drink a lot of tea, but never with milk), and I used the last tea bag in my box of Dilmah. I picked up the box and I was off on a mission which got bigger, and bigger! I love how my mind works sometimes, even if it does mean I have to hang on tight and be whizzed around at lightning speed.

The empty box made me think of how the world puts me in a box, as it does to most of us. Those who hardly know me probably label me, as most of us do to others, without thinking. I guess my labels would say stuff like:






Going grey etc.

But, I am way too big for that box, and I don’t fit and it is not comfortable, and actually, apart from Mother I don’t fit any of those labels very well at all. OK, I will give you woman, sometimes, but I prefer earthling. I don’t feel very female, or very male either. I may be fifty and middle-aged, but I feel like twenty nine. So I decided to make something to demonstrate this. To construct a new identity, a bigger, better Bobby. Actually I am just fonally beginning to appreciate myself and all I have accomplished in my life, and this project is somewheat of a celebratiuon of that.

I have previously been playing with half tone photos blown up to just dots and I used one of these to cover the box with.

Inspired by the process, I made a huge poster of me in bits. I used one of my favourite photographs of myself, the one that really feels like Bobby. I printed it on to sixteen sheets of A4 paper, and pasted it  onto a giant recycled cardboard box.  It looks fantastic to me, and this is ALL ABOUT ME!!! So now I am outside the box…

I was not sure about the posters making a box though, as my original thought was that I was too big for a box. So I cut off the sides of the box and ended up with a giant cardboard poster, which I thought I could hang from the ceiling so people could walk around them.

I have been through my photos and found some more images that I am going to treat the same way. On the back of the cardboard mounted posters I will write bits of my own poems.

In fact I believe they are mainly life size or a bit bigger. They are made up of thousands of dots, because I am made up of thousands of points in time, each dot represents a point in my life that went towards making the person in the image. I have used recycled cardboard because I have been recycled over and over and made into different things, I am not perfect, there are rough edges, like the posters.

I will hang these posters from the ceiling, it is important to me that they move, that people can walk around them and life can flow through them, just like it does to me. If people want to touch them, draw on them or write messages, then that is ok too… because that is what life does and that is how I got to be the person here t0day.

I have made an image with labels, I am trying to decide whether to use these on the front of the images or not. Each of the images represents a part of who I am, or have been. There will be posters for daughter, sister, wife, mother, lover, poet, artist, grandmother. Some may have multiple labels.

I wanted to make more today but my printer ran out of ink, so I have ordered a new toner. I also need to go and find some huge cardboard boxes to recycle. Warehouse stationary often has some in the size I need, I guess desks and stuff come in them. Or maybe Powerstore, giant TV or fridge boxes would be good!

Oh and the box that started it all, well maybe I will make things to put in it… isn’t that what boxes are for …? Here is a small picture of one of my images that I am using, with labels added.