Beautiful People Making Beautiful Books

I had to share this video, found on Dispatch from LA… Thanks Mary Ann.

Such gorgeous people, and those papers hanging out to dry, yummy, you really wanna go and play with paint and glue. Love the rain scene too, I want that deck…

Paulus Berensohn is such an inspiration.


Soul’s Kitchen from TOTM Film on Vimeo.

Day 17 – Acrostic

In honour of the equal marriage bill being passed in parliament here this evening, in honour of all of the beautiful souls who fought so long and so hard for this moment…..


Unadulterated, to

Be who you are

In freedom



No longer

Crushed but


A Love Poem #29

You know those days
when you wake
feeling full of joy
and everything is beautiful
and you can feel your heart
curl up at the edges
and you just know that all
your inner organs are smiling too…
when there is no
special reason to feel
so happy except
that you are alive
and in love with life
and aware
that everything
in your world is good
and perfect for this moment
one of those
days when you
KNOW the Universe TRULY
this is one of those

A Story of a Goat #2

Looking through treasures
gleaned from the night
while remembering pre-dawn
conversations with the Moon

I adore this world

of those who are loving
of those who make me laugh
and cry and dream
until I believe in freedom

New adventures
are born in my soul
where I feel the force
of a great life spirit
this energy within me
creating peace and thanks

Just listen to the new morning!

I play with a magical tarot deck
learn spiritual colours
and see the true beauty
of an autumn woodstack
I catch the scent of midwinter
stirring gorgeous garlic greens
making soup
and happiness

Joy makes me think of the story
of the goat being a goat
because thats what goats do best
My heart soars up
from a trampoline
sprung tight with emotion
as I realise
the simple ways
of true contentment