2 Moons

Today I drew Luna from the Connessione and yet another Wand! The Five of Wands from the Tarot Noir. The Moon card is pretty serendipitous because I drew it today on the full moon. So a double whammy I guess.


The moon card has some mysterious stuff going on. At first glance the two hands at the bottom seem to be squeezing dental floss from a tube and flossing the moon’s teeth. Then we see that the hands are half hands and half birds. It’s like the practical earthly side and the higher consciousness working together through the moon somehow. One hand feeds the mouth of the bird on the other hand. The hand that is not holding the tube holds some pebbles that may have come from the water, the fingers look  a little bloodstained or maybe it is just sand. I am very much a Moon person, by birth and nature. I love the hours between 8.00pm and 8.00am, my lowest time is early afternoon. The lower the sun sinks in the sky, the happier I become. This card feels very right now.

Moon - Luna

The Five of Wands is what I call the play fight card, five has a feeling of 2 pairs and an odd one out. Sometimes I feel like the odd one, but in a food way. I am part of my family yet single, the mother creature. This card can mean stress and disagreement, but I think today it is telling me to enjoy the playing, be more frivolous without guilt, because I have earned this time to play. Especially as it is the holidays here in NZ! The Moon throws a happy shadow on the five of wands too, and the cards of the past two days having been wands adds to the positive nature of this five.

Taking the two cards together I see the Moon card as dreamy, playful, even a little goofy. I can never sleep around the full moon, I get maybe an hour or so and then wake up, usually around 3.00am. Sometimes this is ok. I have learned over the years not to fight sleeplessness, but to use those wakeful hours more positively. If it means I am fit for nothing during daylight hours then that’s just fine…after all there are 2 weeks of holiday still left.

Giant Sloth Food

If you did biology at school, you will know how seeds are naturally propagated by wind, water, birds and animals. Thus a tree fruits in a garden, a bird comes along and eats the fruit, seeds and all. Bird flies away, poops out the seed and a new tree grows — far away from the original.


I love avocado, perfectly ripe, the flesh evenly coloured with no brown, and slightly deeper green close to the skin. But that seed always makes me smile, it is so obba dobba*, for want of a better description. How on earth do they propagate naturally? Well in this day and age they don’t. Avocados are grown by humans, for human consumption. I recently found this video on YouTube:

The giant sloths that ate the avocados, and carried the seed, were something like this but with more flesh:

Megatherium Americanum
Giant Ground Sloth – Megatherium Americanum

Apparently along with a few other prehistoric fruits, avocados are an evolutionary anachronism.  This is explained  in the video, and in much more detail in The Ghosts of Evolution by Connie Barlow

Ghosts of Evolution
Ghosts of Evolution

Sadly it is not available on Kindle, but I shall be getting a copy. I love stories like this. As for avocado, I will appreciate it even more. After all, in consuming this delicious fruit I am following in the gigantic footsteps of those hip ground sloths who last walked this earth around 11000 years ago.

*obba dobba is a family word that we use to describe things that are rounded and funky and kind of larger than life… :)

Sometimes Life is Black and White

I love my new iPhone… I love it’s gorgeous eight megapixel camera. I loved my old iPhone 4, and that baby served me well for almost three years, and now my daughter has it and is loving it.

I took the new shiny iPhone for a walk around Nelson today. Nelson, my iPhone, and I were in one of those moods where life is just black and white.





A Love Poem #29

You know those days
when you wake
feeling full of joy
and everything is beautiful
and you can feel your heart
curl up at the edges
and you just know that all
your inner organs are smiling too…
when there is no
special reason to feel
so happy except
that you are alive
and in love with life
and aware
that everything
in your world is good
and perfect for this moment
one of those
days when you
KNOW the Universe TRULY
this is one of those

A Story of a Goat #2

Looking through treasures
gleaned from the night
while remembering pre-dawn
conversations with the Moon

I adore this world

of those who are loving
of those who make me laugh
and cry and dream
until I believe in freedom

New adventures
are born in my soul
where I feel the force
of a great life spirit
this energy within me
creating peace and thanks

Just listen to the new morning!

I play with a magical tarot deck
learn spiritual colours
and see the true beauty
of an autumn woodstack
I catch the scent of midwinter
stirring gorgeous garlic greens
making soup
and happiness

Joy makes me think of the story
of the goat being a goat
because thats what goats do best
My heart soars up
from a trampoline
sprung tight with emotion
as I realise
the simple ways
of true contentment