A number 3 is best

Had to share a few more pics to illustrate some of Dolly’s finer points… Like the super shiny MAGS!!!

I even washed her, and I never wash my car…

Dolly x 4


Dolly, side by side with Old Faithful… who shall not be put out to grass… ;-/


She’s a wee beastie alright! Number 1 cut is too short though 3 works best.



Falling in love again…

I didn’t want it to happen, never dreamed in a zillion moons that it could ever be…

But it did.

Yesterday I fell in love with a lawnmower.

Dolly is amazing, life changing —  in the way that only a gorgeous, silver  mower called Dolly can be.

Dolly is a utility mower, made for paddocks and rougher meadow type grass, like ours. For years I have struggled with a tiny Cobra classic with a 14″ cut, blunt blades and just about everything broken that could be. Dolly has a 21 inch cut, and that makes a huge difference. She goes through long grass, and shoots all the clippings out the side. I haven’t had her for 24 hours yet, but yep this is love…

You have to have had a relationship with an old, bedraggled mower, to appreciate a prince among their kind.

I just cannot stop wondering over this gorgeous ‘Cut’ grass as opposed to bent and squished grass…

Dolly the Mower
Dolly the Mower
Dolly in Action
Dolly in Action
Gypsy inspects Dolly's work
Gypsy inspects Dolly’s work