This is a WOW!!!

Thanks to my blog feed, and Mary Ann Moss, I just found the most incredible site called Colossal.

Wonderful articles…so many but check out this 800 page, handmade book, created 271 years before pantone was developed!


You want it don’t you?


Mwaaaaaaaah….  stunning handwritten script too…


Images retrieved on 9/5/2014 from Colossal

Black White and Red…

As I mentioned previously, I had not heard of Barbara Kruger before I started this project, but the first box I made was so much like her work that one of the tutors suggested I look at her. It seems crazy I had not heard of her as her work seemed so familiar, at least the work with the black white and red colour scheme. Today after setting up part of my work in G-Space for the critique, I started to think about my colour scheme and why it seemed to much a part of me, just natural colours for me to use.

When I got home I went through some old sketchbooks and art stuff, and there it is over and over, black white and red. I wonder why I like these colours so much? The images below are from smaller pieces of art that I did between 2009 and 2012:

BWR 1 RWB2 bwr3

And the image below shows my workings and designs for posters and a T-Shirt for NMIT Creative Industries, these were done throughout 2013.





Color Jam

Jessica Stockholder is a professor on the board of the visual arts department at the University of Chicago. In 2012 she created a street art exhibition which she called ‘Color Jam’. The video below shows an interview with the artist and she talks about why she did it. Her approach is exactly the kind of approach I would take. I want street art to lighten people, to become part of the street and for the street to become part of the art.

I love this concept.

Here are some more photo’s of Color Jam courtesy of The Chicago Tribune.




I love the way the light effects the colours, in the movie you can see how shadows are thrown onto the huge splashes of colour, changing it again. It is the beautiful minds like Jessica’s that allow my  mind to experience the sublime. Just feeling the joy, when you come across something like this, it really lifts you inside, experiencing it as an artist and a viewer.