Weather Forecast #19

dying flames
cast their ashes

passing through
leaves left behind

leaving soon
a bitter winter

Gathering Firewood #18

That last autumn
it was dark
moody and exciting
hungry and angry
waiting was a thrill
fired by the first drink
I wandered for hours
getting lost and falling
in the dark
all the time listening
for the sound of
an old diesel truck
one night the cows got in
and we met the neighbours
we thought the wife was stoned
I lost the goats
you didn’t come to help
and you lied about the cheese
that was the silliest thing
and pretty sad.
Its autumn again
24 moons later
and the darkening evenings
and the cold bite in the air
and the wood I gather for the fire
are as filled with you
as they are with the smell of woodsmoke
the snap of dry willow
and my rusty old dreams

The Fools and the Wise Man #12

I walk with the banjo player
down to the river
where the alto mourns his lost love
to the sound of a lonely cello
it doesn’t feel right to dance

a guru in the hedge
lights a cigar
the smoke makes us cough
it is cold, our breath frozen
transparent wispy shadows

we stamp our feet
blow into our cupped hands
wrap ourselves tighter
in our Indian blankets
and keep searching for the sun

the guru turns away
to the smells of the bar
warm whiskey waiting
he knows the sun is lost
he saw it fall into the water