Christian Boltanski

One of the first artists I looked at connected with Shadows and Light, was a guy I discovered when looking at the Ready-Made, for Visual Culture; French artist Christian Boltanksi.

I am posting this photo here because I love it… I have looked at getting photos onto large sheets for our project but it is not something that can be done on a low budget, but I will bear this one in mind… it reminds me of a hospital ward, with the wheeled screens, like the ones they draw around beds for privacy. I considered projecting images but then to do something like this you would need several projectors, plus a lot more space than we have available. One can but dream…!

This guy works a lot with light and he is definitely one of my influential artists.


Image retrieved on 20/5/2014 from:

The Ready-Made

Due to forced immobility and a Visual Culture 1 assignment I have spent a day rolling around in Boltanski’s clothing heaps, playing with Duchamps snowshovel and riding on Joseph Beuys sled. I forgot to pack the animal fat (ick!)

So here we have, the Ready-Mades… via my iPad…

IMG_0202 IMG_0206IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205