One more for the list…

It is Dylan Thomas 100th birthday today… or it would have been. I read ‘Do Not Go gently Into That Good Night’ at my local club to celebrate. Not sure if they were impressed, but it was important to me.

Taking authors and books…look at this, the latest item on my list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’:

Book Chair

The Library Chair was created by Alexander Love, in New York, and if you live in the USA and have 3k to spare, then you can buy one.

Now for the hardest part… the animal print or the pink?

I think I would like dusky pink velvet, like the stuff that is on the old Chaise-Longue, way down on the list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’ Yeah, this pink is a bit too…shiny… And maybe oak, or mahogany wood. It will need to go with the other coveted items, in my witch’s cottage in North Yorkshire. Yup – that’s on the list too.

Pink Book Chair


The Book Book Experience

Sometimes the best use for new technology is to show how wonderful the old still is…


Getting it together with Level 7…

This morning the Level 7 guys n gals came into our lowly space to join in with our critique. I love it when we all get together, sadly it doesn’t happen enough. Our group was rather low on numbers as three of the students were absent, (there are 57 varieties of bug going around at the moment), but it was still very cool.

I went for a cold read and the feedback was really good. Most of the group got the anthropomorphic angle, and none of them mentioned Little Red Riding Hood! I was pleased about that, as it means that my own story is coming through now. I had some interesting discussions about theorists too. I hope to have further chats with the 2 students from Level 7 particularly, as we had lots in common. My favourite comment from a Level 7 student was:

Oh my God, I wish I had a mind that worked like yours

I do feel blessed to have such a quirky outlook on life, I have to admit. But then how could I be any other way? It would be enlightening to swap minds with someone else for a day though, imagine that!! Anyway back to the critique…

All of the group loved my book: Wolves Are People Too, which gave me a buzz. I am always amazed when people enjoy and get my art, especially something like a book, which has to work on many levels. This book may not end up being part of my final work for this project, but I am carrying on with the theme next year and I may produce a series of books. I was thinking along the lines of picture books for bigger people.

No suggestions of improvement were out forward, so I will carry on and have more faith in myself, my ideas and my odd mind!


As I was saying…

Every time I have a lecture in Visual Culture I get new ideas… and I feel like I could just do this forever… but then none of the ideas would eventuate, so I am sticking to my path. Happily the recent lectures on the feminists kind of tie in with what I am doing. Except I am more into the power of the matriarchy than in the feminist movement.

Somehow nature seems to fare better than political movements, no matter what the cause. But that’s just me, I sometimes think that life is far simpler than we are led to believe, but then I have been spared many of the atrocities of human existence, by way of being born in the Western world, and not during a world war.

So anyway… more reading… and what joy it brings…


Reading Pile

Just a few of the books I am currently reading. I sometimes thing research is one of my favourite things of any project. So many pathways that twist and wind away from the main track, and then you meet the wolf, in the guise of having to make a decision!


Books I am sleeping with…

These are the books I am sharing my bed  with currently, some for the first time some for the second or even third! A complete mixture – book tart that I am…

photo 3

More book bed joy…

Oh wow… I am on a roll here, and I think I may have caught a wave…

Check out this collaboration between RCA students and a hotel chain!!


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Thinking about books… again…!

I have been looking through all my old sketchbooks, FB posts, blogposts etc, and I came up with a conclusion…


The thing I would love to have, that is currently at the top of my wishlist, is this:


There are lots more book rooms like this but I love the darkness of this one. So…. my mind wanders onto it’s other track of art, college… and next semester.


And I want to make one of these book bed installations… I have posted book artists before, but I have now found my muse in the form of British artist Ruth Beale


I don’t want a bed that looks like a book though, I want a library that works as  a bed…!


Well I am looking into this… maybe I was mean’t to make installations after all… certainly fits with a theme of habitat.

Here is another article about Ruth’s Bookbed:


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It’s all about the B word…

When it comes to habitat, I like my cave… not the cold wet slimy kind, but the kind with a warm hearth and books… lots and lots and lots of books… books everywhere, and Tarot cards and art stuff.

So… my project (actually our project now) is going to be along those lines… books, Tarot, warmth and of course recycling, which is a big part of my art anyway.

Some very funky stuff has been done with books…


bookcell-lead01-537x390\ Brian-Dettmer5-537x402


See what I mean?

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This is a WOW!!!

Thanks to my blog feed, and Mary Ann Moss, I just found the most incredible site called Colossal.

Wonderful articles…so many but check out this 800 page, handmade book, created 271 years before pantone was developed!


You want it don’t you?


Mwaaaaaaaah….  stunning handwritten script too…


Images retrieved on 9/5/2014 from Colossal