The Angel of the Broken-down Shack

I have a lovely old and dilapidated shack on my property… and as the iron I put on the roof to protect it, blew off in a gale, I decided it needed more powerful protection.

So…I summoned up some magic, raised my face to the heavens, and had a wee chat with Cecil Collins, a dead artist I am rather keen on. With the help of his “Angel of the Flowing Light’, my shack was blessed. Thanks Cecil.


Angel of the Flowing Light by Cecil Collins (1968)

Photography by Ragged Poet.



Angels & Hurricanes

For my personal explorations of our wall space I have been playing around with my sketches, and Photoshop, just to see how different images look on the wall.

This is a silhouette painting I did of Neil Young, Yann (standing in front of the wall with my daughter Pollyanna), loves Neil Young, and I wanted to start somewhere so I started with an image that someone liked a lot.


I like it, I like the contrast between the street and this giant psychedelic blast from the seventies. I like the reference to music too, music often cheers and I love to hear people singing to themselves! It has some reference to it’s direct environment, as the bar behind has live music. Also the title of the song ‘Like a hurricane’ is relevant to change. A hurricane can change a landscape dramatically, this mural also changes this particular bit of the town landscape fairly dramatically.

The next image I tried on the wall is a painting of a gravestone angel in the snow. Why? Does there have to be a reason? Ok I was too hot, I walked past the wall the other day and thought how nice it would be to have snow in Nelson. Seriously, I love to walk around Wakapuaka cemetery with my camera, I find something different every time. I love how you can catch a glimpse of the sea through the graves from high up on the hill. This image was inspired by a photo from the cemetery. I like the idea of bringing significant parts of Nelson back into the centre. An image that offers a moment of quiet contemplation is a busy day.


The last image I did today was Hobbiton, why not have a piece of The Shire in Nelson. There were a few hobbits in town a couple of years ago when they did some filming in the area. The Shire is where the big adventure begins. I painted this from a photograph I took of Hobbiton at the film set,near Hamilton on the North Island.


I still find this wall a challenge, although I like the  way any mural that we put on the wall will interact with the street seen beyond. I have thought of ways of bringing them together seamlessly almost but with changing light and skies etc it would be very difficult.

I do like the idea of bringing the street into the mural though, so whatever I painted on the wall I would add pieces of mirror cemented within the mural to reflect the real world, and also give a changing reality within the mirrors.  These pieces of mirror would add a fragmented effect to the mural which fits in with my current postmodern studies.

All photo’s and painting by the author.

Thanks to models Polly, Yann and Blueberry the bump!