One more for the list…

It is Dylan Thomas 100th birthday today… or it would have been. I read ‘Do Not Go gently Into That Good Night’ at my local club to celebrate. Not sure if they were impressed, but it was important to me.

Taking authors and books…look at this, the latest item on my list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’:

Book Chair

The Library Chair was created by Alexander Love, in New York, and if you live in the USA and have 3k to spare, then you can buy one.

Now for the hardest part… the animal print or the pink?

I think I would like dusky pink velvet, like the stuff that is on the old Chaise-Longue, way down on the list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’ Yeah, this pink is a bit too…shiny… And maybe oak, or mahogany wood. It will need to go with the other coveted items, in my witch’s cottage in North Yorkshire. Yup – that’s on the list too.

Pink Book Chair


The Secret Ministry of Frost

I love winter mornings when the frost has performed it’s secret ministry, and the sun rises just high enough to throw shadows across the garden… , and see how it paints that patch of purple just past the willows? This is my Utopia… simple really, some special little people, three cats and two goats in a winter wonderland.

I fell in love with Samuel Coleridge when I first read Frost at Midnight… here are the last few lines, just to set the scene, here the poet is referring to the iciccles on the eaves of the thatched roof:

Or if the secret ministry of frost
Shall hang them up in silent icicles,
Quietly shining to the quiet Moon.






Just posting a few images that caught my eye in the past few days…

While looking back over my photos on my phone I couldn’t help but notice these two below, the thumbnails were one above the other. They were not taken on the same day and I had no thoughts about the relationship between them until I saw those thumbnails together.

This is a tree in the college car park.


This is a metal sculpture by Che Vincent


I think nature triumphs…

Walking down Nile Street yesterday I found more appropriation in  these very Matisse style cycle vests…


Oily Fun

I have been playing with food again… This time I tried to recreate the colours of an avocado using digital oils. I have never painted in real oils but now I have played virtually I think I want to give them a try. I love moving the paint around and using different tools. I wish I had a color printer to see what some of these images look like on paper



From one screen to another…

To start my ‘people drawing practice’ on my iPad, I drew a character from a movie…. I took a screenshot and then copied it as best I could. I loved it. I am proud of my attempt. In fact I may do more.

This is Louise, and she is número uno. Hmmmm she looks a bit like Dawn French, but it is not Dawn French… much as I admire her.


I miSs MaiL ArT

From around the age of 7, until around 2 years ago, I made mail art. In fact pretty much every letter I have written has been a piece of mail art.  I have a problem sending naked undecorated stuff through the postal system. But I made art especially for the mail too, sort of. The mailbox IS a museum.  I miss it… I miss writing letters with decorated margins and words curling around the page. I miss drawing on and colouring and collaging the envelopes. I miss the smell and simplicity of rubber stamps.

I still have a load of old issues of Rubberstampmadness, from the crazy days, long before scrap-booking ever came to light. Well scrap-booking as we know it now that is. The scrapbooks we had as kids bore little relation to the fanciful perfectly choreographed albums I have seen today, even though they pose under the same name. I am going to get out some old stamps tomorrow, get inky fingers, make some envelopes, or postcards, draw and collage and write. And send stuff in the mail.

Watch this space. And if you want a piece of real, honest to goodness mail art, just say the word. Cos I am hungry to send it.

Images retrieved on 21/4/2014 from:

John Lennon by Sandhi Schimmel from:

Pinhole Camera from:




Icons matter…

I haven't really had much time to play with my iPad, but I am dedicating a few hours of the holiday to just this. In my experience the only way to really learn something is to jump right in. Make mistakes, get frustrated, get lost and muddle your way through. Create your own map.

That in mind, I am now writing my first iPad blog post on a very neat App called Blogsy, which you can find here

I was attracted to it because it has a gorgeous retro typewriter icon… On my iPad icons matter.

Meanwhile… Learning is thirsty work… Requiring large many cups of strong black tea. Meet Henry, possibly the only mug of his kind in NZ…



It’s only words…

I made a word cloud of my Identity…


and another one of my blog…


I feel somewhat fragmented ;-/ But this is fun!

I like to see words thrown together like a jumbled up box of magnetic poetry… now that should definitely feature in my identity… as should tarot…



Fragments that define us…


As part of the Identity project I am also working on smaller coloured and textured mixed media pieces which will support the larger posters. These will me made up of parts of my life that fit with the particular Bobby board. Things that are symbolic to my journey at that time. For my first experiments, I played with some paintings of special pieces of pottery that I got during my marriage. This will be stitched and embroidered with bits of my poetry.




I am afraid of paint, and painting and drawing.  Although I can do it when I want to, it is something I won’t allow myself to admit I can do, if that makes sense. I want to try and work with this and find out why I have this fear. I am making small drawings and paintings of fragments of my life that I have carried with me.

In my art I like to use old or recycled materials wherever possible, I like things that have stories, that can blend with my own story. The unfinished collage above is made up of old envelopes from birthday cards, baking paper from back in my marriage days, and other leftover pieces from old projects that I did in another life.