Big Bad Wolves, Vampires & Cookies…

I don’t like Oreo cookies, but I do like their current advertising campaign :)

The Martin Agency have the right idea about advertising in my book. This is a quote from their website:

Known for its innovative approach to marketing, Oreo has been the world’s favorite cookie for more than 100 years. The shared connection over an Oreo is universal. Our latest campaign, Wonderfilled, focuses on the positive change in perspective the simple act of sharing an Oreo can create, tapping into the universal human feeling of wonder. The ability to wonder is something we all share, but too often forget or ignore.  Wonderfilled captures the feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world.

And this is what I am raving on about:

And another one, what an awesome imagination this company have! Enjoy advertising at its best :)

Love is an eggplant…

When I was doing art at school years ago we each got given a fruit or vegetable to draw. We had to do a large scale charcoal drawing of our item using tone and line to define it. I looked on as the other students received their pineapples, globe artichokes, slices of tomato etc… and I got an aubergine…

Aubergines, or eggplants, as half the world calls them, are in my eyes the height of beauty, I love to look at them, touch them and of course eat them. The colours are stunning, whatever the variety. I once painted my walls darkest aubergine and it looked amazing. But… it is not easy to bring our their true glory using charcoal, no exciting lines or textures, just, well a kind of bent egg shape. Nevertheless I struggled on and I still have that drawing. I think that was the day that my love affair with aubergines began.

So to celebrate the gorgeous example I bought the other day, I drew it on my iPad… I love it

IMG_0157My favourite thing to do with eggplants cooking wise?

Slice them longways, about 2cm thick. Top with sliced tomatoes, basil and slices of halloumi cheese. Drizzle with good olive oil. Grill or roast in oven for about 20 minutes. Divine.

I found this image of different varieties of eggplant.


Image retrieved on 23/4/2014 from

I want to draw these now :)