Talking about last night…

Well I am exhausted, but very proud to say that Bikes Blues and Metal Guitars was a great success. Russ and Phil who played with him were fantastic, as were the crowd. All day while I was working on all the final touches I got so much encouragement from everyone in G Block, I felt almost invincible! I am thinking that Cheri maybe felt the same, boy did we work hard for this!


Russ and many of the the visitors said that the  gallery looked wonderful, great video and the guitars and the Indian glowed with Russ’s passion and pride in what he does. We got lots of compliments and thanks for hosting this and Russ himself was blown away. So, there are things I would have done differently, and I would have stuck to my original idea of a more workshoppy look than gallery look, but group work is about everyone’s input. I think we did a great job in such a short time.Stop picking Bobby, it was a job extremely well done!!

A highlight was our dear Staju playing his Indian drum with the boys, and he did it very well… Rock on Staju!

The best thing that came from this, in my opinion was Russ’s response, he was absolutely over the moon. One thing I want my art to do is spread joy, there are messages to get out there I feel, but there is always more than one way of doing it. Focusing on the positive aspect of an issue is far more likely to result in change in my experience. We, all know bad stuff happens… it doesn’t need neon lights to highlight it, it needs ways of changing it… a little artistic alchemy can go a long way.

Anyway here are a few photos of the setting up…!




All images by raggedpoet.

Shadow on the wall…

This morning we presented our concept for Light Nelson…

It was a crazy busy day and I am totally exhausted now but my brain will not sleep. I thought over and over about our concept and I really think it may be taking on too much, especially where the construction of the “tent’ which will form the heap is involved

I also took on board some input from the tutors concerning the use of treated wood and maybe using books could be taken wrongly by some people and give a different message to the public. Even after deciding not to use books and to only use gum branches from my garden or other natural, untreated wood, I am still not happy,

So… I thought more about light, and years spent photographing light and how it creates it’s own art. I remembered a photo I took a few years ago:

GhostI copy

Unfortunately I am unable to find the original image at the moment, but you get the gist, it is an image of myself taken from the top of a flight of steps , but I appear at the bottom of the steps as a ghost or shadow. I love stuff like this and I got very excited about using shadows and light for the project, and concentrating on the concept of light and shadow rather than having to worry about building safe teepee structures. I also think it is more fitting for the brief which is after all about working with light, and not using light as an aside to the main focus as it were.

So in the dark hours of insomnia I have been researching artists to inspire these thoughts, and I found this:


And this is what I want to create. Will approach the guys tomorrow :) Now for some sleep…

Oh and I cannot get this song out of my head:

Image sourced on 19/5/14 from:


Womens Refuge – Awareness Exhibition

This week saw the opening of Six Weeks – Six Visions, our G-Space curation exercise for Professional Practice. The first group to exhibit staged an exhibition to make people aware of the work of the Women’s Refuge.

I was very impressed by the work here, especially given that the group has some unforeseen events to deal with which culminated in them losing their main artist. This didn’t stop them and they forged ahead, creating their own art to convey the message.

The works consisted of photographs with no middles, only the edges of the images, which had been used to create a frame for small plaques, each carrying a message such as Will they believe me? and Walking on eggshells. I found this very evocative, these tiny yet powerful messages in the empty frame. Although the reason behind the empty frame was due to copyright issues with the original photographer involved, I actually think this was more powerful than an image would have been. When you suffer abuse, your world shrinks to one of fear and dread, there is no colour and no bigger picture, you can only focus on the pain. In my opinion this came across very strongly.

The other part of the exhibition was a large black screen at the back of the gallery featuring part of a video made by Saatchi and Saatchi about domestic violence. Disturbing sounds, lower lighting, and fleeting images flashing across the screen, provoked an atmosphere with a sense of dread and things hidden.

Congratulations to Babie, Jess, Van Van and co! You did a great job and although I was unable to walk and missed the opening, the food looked amazing in your photos, very professional!

Thanks to Jamie, Van Van and Morgan for an awesome poster too.





It’s getting closer…


Russ Weebley Banner

I am currently sick and dizzy and not up to much, especially driving, but this exhibition is calling me. Three of our group are sick, so I have decided we will probably go with printable email invites. I an hoping to design some today and get them out. It is a compromise but then we have out a lot of hard work into this, and I will maybe make some special momento postcards or something, for those who are lucky enough to attend the opening event. Meanwhile I built a special website and bought a domain name for our show :) Check out:


Here is an audio clip of Russ playing one of his handcrafted guitars:


And then it was Purple…

Today was great… Cheri and I managed to print eight T-Shirts almost perfectly. I was playing around with colours, just like a pro, in no time at all.  We had quite a production line going. My first experimental print was a shirt for Cheri, it looks great, and so very Ms Luck :)


Then I did some for the boys, Russ and myself. I am feeling quite accomplished this afternoon :) I love playing in the workshop!


The Screenprinting Trials


So, today I took the images I designed, and Symon our awesome technician made up two screens. Then we had a few obstacles to leap over!



Firstly because we were intending to print in white on a black surface we had forgotten to invert the image…. it took me a while to work out why the first test print looked a bit odd:


As you can see Russ looks rather like a black & white minstrel!


So it was back to the drawing board, or rather Photoshop. Meanwhile I had some fun playing around with the acetates. I love to play with transparencies.




Old style Kiwi…


I worked with Staju’s design that I posted earlier. I liked his photo, but not the fonts. It gave the poster a trippy, more psychedelic kind of look, than a Blues look.

This one is less cluttered than my first,  but a couple of the group feel it loses some of the old style ‘Kiwi’ look of the guy in his workshop, that the previous one had. I like them both. I definitely like the fonts  here.



T-Shirt Take Two


Staju sent us this design for consideration:


I like it because it is a bit cleaner looking and less cluttered than the first design, but I don’t like the grey splodges on Russ’s skin. Also I think the fonts and their treatment look too psychedelic. Other group members prefer the look of the first design as they feel the workshop adds a Kiwi flavour. I will work on this in Photoshop because I do like this photo.



I think it would look good huge…


This post is to introduce another group project that I am working on. For this we have to curate an exhibition from scratch. This means finding sponsors, finding an artist, arranging promotion and advertising, exhibition events, producing a catalogue, designing and making invites etc.

Well, we have our artist and our title. We have a date and an opening event planned. Our group, which we call Curate & Resonate, pretty much rock.  This morning I designed a T-Shirt.  I thought of this idea yesterday, as extra promotion… walking posters :)

Our exhibition is a narration of our artists life. The exhibition will tell his story and celebrate his artwork, his passions and his music.

Here is a taster, with the T Shirt design. I like the comic book effect, as it fits with our theme, which begins with the artist as a lad. I am awaiting approval, but it could be a poster too. I think it would look great blown up huge. I may even attempt that, as I am into blowing stuff up right now. Shame my flipping printer toner replacement hasn’t arrived yet, I could do it today. Anyway hopefully we can screen print the T-Shirts at college next week!