The Cups

I keep thinking about making my own Tarot deck, but it is such a huge project. I think I want to explore my own art more first, because I am discovering new things about me, such as a love pf playing with watercolour and gouache, even low quality ones… but as a belated birthday present to myself I have ordered a tin box of watercolours made with honey as a binder…. mwaaaaaaah!!

But while playing I did make these two cards, I like to use recycled boxes, book pages etc, and just see what happens.




Thinking about books… again…!

I have been looking through all my old sketchbooks, FB posts, blogposts etc, and I came up with a conclusion…


The thing I would love to have, that is currently at the top of my wishlist, is this:


There are lots more book rooms like this but I love the darkness of this one. So…. my mind wanders onto it’s other track of art, college… and next semester.


And I want to make one of these book bed installations… I have posted book artists before, but I have now found my muse in the form of British artist Ruth Beale


I don’t want a bed that looks like a book though, I want a library that works as  a bed…!


Well I am looking into this… maybe I was mean’t to make installations after all… certainly fits with a theme of habitat.

Here is another article about Ruth’s Bookbed:


Photos sourced on 24/6/2014 from:




Looking Ahead!

I am very excited about next semester in Studio, where we get to choose our own brief and project. I have been thinking  about all the things that inspire me, and bring me joy, and all the media I love to use. I have been thinking about all this a lot… even when my mind should be elsewhere, like the local Pool team commitee…


I came up with quite a list…



In Gombrich’s Art & Illusion, he talks about a process he calls schemata. This process is where the artist compares what he has drawn or painted with what he is trying to draw/paint, and by trial and error, comparing his drawing to his source, the artist gradually corrects the drawing/painting to look more like what he is seeing.  I am using this process to create the effect I want.

I looked at the previous posts and research, and worked out a way to combine the crowd caster lamp, that I mentioned here, with our twig and bark ball in the previous post. I had a walk around my property and collected willow, twigs, some old resistors, and a lump of polystyrene.



Using these things I made this:


Then I dismantled my Himalayan salt lamp (excellent for fighting those positive ions given out by computers etc…), and removed the bulb and fitting. I cut the hole in the polystyrene base of my twig sculpture and inserted the light fitting:


Woohoo… shadows, that look like trees! I created the white walls with two sketchbooks.


Here is a photo with my mug of tea for size comparison:


Actually that’s a little misleading, the mug looks smaller here than IRL, but you get the picture. The lamp is off here by the way.  So… the bulb I used here is a teeny 7 watt bulb. The bulbs I purchased yesterday are 9 times that brightness and they are halogen which gives much sharper shadows.

I think I now have a positive enough result from this model to warrant making a larger version, which will take a lot longer. I may just try a quick demo in the gallery on Thursday using my bulb and just a very basic setup before constructing the actual large shade with twigs. if that works then I am away!!! Everything is one hundred percent recycled except the light bulb. Polystyrene is icky, but at least it is better in use than in the landfill.

Excitement abounds…!!!

Just doodling…

I can’t believe it is already June… geez, it’s almost the end of the semester.

I needed to get away from brain work, reading, and theorising and writing, for half an hour, so I picked up my iPad and started doodling… I made trees…. (thinking of the shadow forest I guess, for Light Nelson)…


I drew trees, and erased bits of trees


and turned them inside out… it’s fun doodling…


I may try using these, if the other thing doesn’t work out, the outlines may need to be less messy but I will do a wee experiment with a tea-light maybe see if they make shadows, if I can find some acetate to print on before Tuesday. No college tomorrow as it is a bank holiday. Queens birthday. We never celebrated that in England… odd, not that I am ungrateful for a day off of course…

It’s all about the B word…

When it comes to habitat, I like my cave… not the cold wet slimy kind, but the kind with a warm hearth and books… lots and lots and lots of books… books everywhere, and Tarot cards and art stuff.

So… my project (actually our project now) is going to be along those lines… books, Tarot, warmth and of course recycling, which is a big part of my art anyway.

Some very funky stuff has been done with books…


bookcell-lead01-537x390\ Brian-Dettmer5-537x402


See what I mean?

Images retrieved on 12/5/2014 from




Look at the blackboard…

Two art students, known by the moniker dangerdust, from Columbus College of Art and Design have taken it upon themselves to spread the words of the great and fabulous by way of stunning chalk illustrations on a blackboard in the college. More ephemeral wonders, these are replaced every Monday. Sometimes the two students spend up to eleven hours working on these… ! They have an instagram feed here.

This is a favourite of mine:





Images retrieved on 10/5/2014 from Design Boom




This is a WOW!!!

Thanks to my blog feed, and Mary Ann Moss, I just found the most incredible site called Colossal.

Wonderful articles…so many but check out this 800 page, handmade book, created 271 years before pantone was developed!


You want it don’t you?


Mwaaaaaaaah….  stunning handwritten script too…


Images retrieved on 9/5/2014 from Colossal

Love is an eggplant…

When I was doing art at school years ago we each got given a fruit or vegetable to draw. We had to do a large scale charcoal drawing of our item using tone and line to define it. I looked on as the other students received their pineapples, globe artichokes, slices of tomato etc… and I got an aubergine…

Aubergines, or eggplants, as half the world calls them, are in my eyes the height of beauty, I love to look at them, touch them and of course eat them. The colours are stunning, whatever the variety. I once painted my walls darkest aubergine and it looked amazing. But… it is not easy to bring our their true glory using charcoal, no exciting lines or textures, just, well a kind of bent egg shape. Nevertheless I struggled on and I still have that drawing. I think that was the day that my love affair with aubergines began.

So to celebrate the gorgeous example I bought the other day, I drew it on my iPad… I love it

IMG_0157My favourite thing to do with eggplants cooking wise?

Slice them longways, about 2cm thick. Top with sliced tomatoes, basil and slices of halloumi cheese. Drizzle with good olive oil. Grill or roast in oven for about 20 minutes. Divine.

I found this image of different varieties of eggplant.


Image retrieved on 23/4/2014 from

I want to draw these now :)





Black White and Red…

As I mentioned previously, I had not heard of Barbara Kruger before I started this project, but the first box I made was so much like her work that one of the tutors suggested I look at her. It seems crazy I had not heard of her as her work seemed so familiar, at least the work with the black white and red colour scheme. Today after setting up part of my work in G-Space for the critique, I started to think about my colour scheme and why it seemed to much a part of me, just natural colours for me to use.

When I got home I went through some old sketchbooks and art stuff, and there it is over and over, black white and red. I wonder why I like these colours so much? The images below are from smaller pieces of art that I did between 2009 and 2012:

BWR 1 RWB2 bwr3

And the image below shows my workings and designs for posters and a T-Shirt for NMIT Creative Industries, these were done throughout 2013.