This guy has something going…

It is wet and my pond (where all the willow branches live) is flooded, but I need to collect branches for further Light Nelson doings….

While procrastinating,  I found this article. Shame I didn’t find it when we were doing the mural project, but there is something about this guy’s work… that I feel in some part if me that I can’t quite identify.

Check this article about Syrian artists Tammam Azzam.

Apparently these images are created by the artist in Photoshop, but I thought these two were projected… wow, would have loved to do something like this for Light Nelson. Next year…



Images sourced from: Huffington Post


Christian Boltanski

One of the first artists I looked at connected with Shadows and Light, was a guy I discovered when looking at the Ready-Made, for Visual Culture; French artist Christian Boltanksi.

I am posting this photo here because I love it… I have looked at getting photos onto large sheets for our project but it is not something that can be done on a low budget, but I will bear this one in mind… it reminds me of a hospital ward, with the wheeled screens, like the ones they draw around beds for privacy. I considered projecting images but then to do something like this you would need several projectors, plus a lot more space than we have available. One can but dream…!

This guy works a lot with light and he is definitely one of my influential artists.


Image retrieved on 20/5/2014 from:

A Shiny New Project…

Back to college tomorrow and a shiny new project! This next one is Light Nelson… We have to create an installation using bot light and recycled materials on the theme of habitat. I have been thinking about what I want to do for mine all year, so I have my concept all ready to go.

Originally this was going to be a group project but then they changed that,  and said we could do it either in a group of our choice or individually, which I have to say I am happy about! So I decided to go solo… until last week. I received  emails from two other students asking if they could be part of my group. Anyway I met them on Friday and told them my concept and they are both very keen. So now it has become a group project again… that’s ok, it can be bigger and better, and I look forward to their input. Plus they can be my ‘heavies’ should there be anything I can’t handle about the installation. So I am welcoming aboard Van Van and Ben.

Hmmmmm…. so I guess I will spill the beans about what I am doing… watch this space… meanwhile here is a clue:



Yesterday was the day of the installation of my identity work. All through the night, gales with gusts approaching 200kph howled around my house and kept me awake. It is hard to access the comfort of sleep when you are afraid the roof will take off and leave you exposed to the elements – or worse. This morning the gales were still raging and driving was not advised. In the end I didn’t leave until 10.00am, and it actually didn’t matter because even when I got to college I couldn’t do anything.

G-Block was overrun with little people, we were unable to access most of the rooms, and I spent a lot of the time dodging in and out of the workshop and the Mac lab, trying to get my work finished, and helping others with Adobe stuff. I love it when I can help, and G-Block is a great place to be for helping and getting help – with all aspects of art.


Anyway, after 3.00pm when the little folk had vacated the building, I started moving all my stuff into the gallery. It was easy to assemble, I added finishing touches, like my red Dymo labels and masking tape on some of the posters and a cool sign on the top of the big stack of boxes. All that was left to do was to photograph it, sit and wrote my studio critique and gove myself and everyone else who was still around, a big pat on the back!

A view of the full installation:


A close up view of part of the installation:



I could not live with it…

I spent most of today making large sheets of paper from my poster images and then using them to wrap my boxes. I discovered this method yesterday after a few days of trial and error, working out how to get the pictures around the boxes and have them look good.

I tried spray glue but that was awful, no moving around time and it gunked up my hands, and it will not come off!

Then I tried diluted PVA, but it wrinkled and the pictures looked messy and very play school. I didn’t mind the box texture coming through, but this was just icky. I could not live with it.


I hmmmmd and ahhed about covering boxes, and then once again, I went back to basics.. How do people cover boxes and make the look neat? Then it came to me, wrapped gifts! So I made a huge sheet of wrapping paper from my A4 poster parts, and wrapped a box… FANTASTIC! I loved it, so I did another…