I am currently a second year student in a Bachelor of Arts & Media degree at NMIT in New Zealand.

That is the biggest part of who I am right now, my study… I love it and I feel like I want to totally indulge my life in it to he exclusion of all else. Learning and creating are two of my greatest joys in life.

Last  year I completed a diploma in creative writing, it was an indulgence in one of my passions but also incredibly useful for my art and design work. Everything comes together at some point in life.

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  1. I wanted to leave a comment on your avocado painting asking which app you are using on your iPad. I cannot, for the life of me, see how to leave a comment on a post!

    1. Thanks for alerting me to this… I need to check out what happened as comments were enabled before! To answer your question the app is called ARTRAGE… its a good one!!
      Thanks for your comment :)

  2. I just have to say I love your tarot bags (and really appreciated your post on the Day of Silence). Any chance you still take commissions for bags? Hope your studies are going well, and that life continues to be good to you.

    1. Hi Michael
      Thanks for your kind words… I didn’t realise how out of date this blg was… we have had two days of silences since then and my daughter’s charity http://insideout.org.nz/ has gone from strength to strength over that time!
      I do take commissions… actually recently started up again after finishing my degree but have yet to get my website going again! I will email you privately!
      :) Bobby

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