Lockdown Day 28

what if…

What if we thought of it as a holiday
a gift of time
Turn the alarm off,
Watch movies in bed
have food delivered to our door
Read the file of books
that we move around but never open

What if we thought
about all the things we want to do
Learn astrology
Write a novel
Discover the art of Vedic cooking
Ayurvedic food doesn’t use onions and garlic
Which is perfect during this shortage

What if we got up early
before dawn
Listened to the first bird call
learned their songs
Watched the sunrise
and then returned indoors
to linger over breakfast

What if we found east and west and north and south
and recognised
all the constellations in our sky
and how they got their names
And studied the effect of phases of the moon
to see how our moods change
as she waxes and wanes

What if our days became so full
we could not imagine
a world outside
Dashing to work
Flying through time
Eating without tasting
Living Without seeing

What if
Instead of thinking of our world shrinking
becoming more confined
We became happier, calmer, wiser
Learned to breathe deeply, fully
What if our lives instead of getting smaller
got bigger.

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