Lockdown Day 18


I walked to the church this morning
a nod to Easter Day
The church was silent the car park empty
but further down the road
I saw a mailbox
adorned with a large painted easter egg
No Easter egg hunts this year
instead we have the bear hunt
Today I saw my first Teddy bear
He wasn’t in a window like town teddies
In the country the driveways are long
Teddies who want to be seen
need to be hardy
He was a big bear
tied to a fence decorated with red baubles
And he was very wet
I wanted to rescue him
but I figured he wanted to carry on
this brave bear doing his bit
Further down the lane
I saw a basket of bears
wrapped in tinsel
I smiled
as I thought of these crazy times
when the the planet
was locked down
and the simple things
were embraced
and the
teddy bear
became a world ambassador

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