Lockdown Day 10


It is always winter here
A Narnia landscape
made for me
I walk with a dream man
our footsteps crunching deep in the snow
We arrive at a frozen lake
the vastness is incredible
The creaking of the huge ice fields
The voice of the wind
telling me this is what I dreamed of
what I always wanted.
You are safe, the dream man tells me

Then we are in a warm room
A stranger
tells us we can’t go
because the clocks are going back
I don’t know where we were going
so it doesn’t matter
I think of Turkish Delight
and look out of the window
to a darkening land
A glimmer in the sky tugs at my cloak
drags me away
from the dream I wrote
and the man who found me there

My eyes stay closed in denial
until the light burns through
The sun’s first rays
blaze golden on the wooden chest
the Snow Queen landscape has melted
into wisps of smoke
Survival signals in the lightening sky
We made it through the night

Later in the valley
clouds race, grey on violet on indigo
on not quite white
They pile up, a great stormy candy floss mountain
I hear the call of the wind
the creak of the lake
Frozen in a never-ending winter
I am not afraid
He tells me I am safe

Evening shadows cast incantations across the grass
in beautiful ancient calligraphy
Venus is transiting through Gemini
Moody introspective
concerned with subtle emotions
mystical depths
not at home in the world
of course not

I shuffle the cards
6 of Swords, The Moon, The Chariot
The waxing moon in Virgo
attempts to keep me practical
But it is longing that drags me through the day
to darkness
to a dream
of a frozen lake
and he who tells me I am safe.

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