Long time… but here’s something new!

For the past year I have been coming down to earth after my degree… trying to find a way forward and work out what I want to do. I have been looking after my 2 year old grandson a lot so work has not really been possible in a full time, work for someone else sense. After applying for loads of jobs and not even getting an interview for most, I have kind of given up anyway. It seems that there is no appreciation or respect for those of us with intelligence and life experience out there in the workforce, unless we have direct experience of the particular position on offer, even cleaning ffs!

So… I am going to try selling my custom made Tarot bags and put my energy and effort into that. I have been selling them for a few years but in a very small way and originally I sold them for peanuts. After many years as a textile artist and BA in Arts & Media I have achieved a standard in my art and craft that pleases me, and I am a bit of a perfectionist! I have a lot of testimonials from very happy clients and all this has given me the much needed confidence to go ahead and put my work out there in a more public way.

To this end I have created a new website which is currently on trial at WIX… sadly the mobile version doesn’t work with WIX so until that is sorted out the best link to access both sites from is here.

I will continue to work on the site and get it back to my own domain but I just wanted to post something here in the meantime.

Have a fantastic 2017, be brave, be confident, never feel small and be awesome!








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7 thoughts on “Long time… but here’s something new!

  1. I love your new site, it’s amazing! And so are your bags! I love the two I own, and so does everyone who sees them, so I wish you the best in your new venture. All of the bugs will work themselves out, give it time!

    1. Thank you so much Diane! You helped inspire me to do this by following your path and launching your new site! Must add a links section here to my fave places on the web x

  2. Lovely site Bobby, your bags are fabulous, beautiful works of art to treasure every day! So far I have commissioned 18 bags from you, and I have never been disappointed – in fact, you have always managed to outdo yourself herself. I can’t wait for our next collaboration.

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