Furry Art

While creating Wolfie, Ruby’s animus persona dude, I have been thinking a lot about the materials that artists use and the connotations these may have for the viewer. Because I am using faux fur  as part of my animus creation I decided to investigate if and how it has been used in fine art. After all, I am guessing that quite a lot of the art viewing public would not give faux fur a place in an art gallery. I came up with quite a collection of different ways this material has been used by artists, from the obvious, to the totally out there, What the hell is that made of?!

Lets start with the more obvious, with this image of an art doll, by American artist, Linda Ehrenfried. Linda creates amazing creatures from fairy tales, mythology and her own imagination. This is Nebble, he is made from polymer clay, copper wire, faux fur and paint. I would give him a home…


This next image is a photograph by Matthew Albanese, this amazing guy creates the most incredible landscapes from materials such as corn syrup, paprika, sugar, tile grout, jelly beans and cotton wool. You can see more of his work here. Spot the faux fur:

Matthew Faux Fur

One more example is Silver coated faux fur paint spill art by Kate Nichols… I am not even going to ask why, but you can read more about Kate’s work here


So, there we go… not only faux fur, but jelly beans. There are some art snobs out there who would turn their nose up at the use of these materials, but we have to remember that water colours and acrylics were once given the same treatment.

I know why I am using faux fur, and that’s what matters to me.

As an aside, I just crocheted a nose…


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