One more for the list…

It is Dylan Thomas 100th birthday today… or it would have been. I read ‘Do Not Go gently Into That Good Night’ at my local club to celebrate. Not sure if they were impressed, but it was important to me.

Taking authors and books…look at this, the latest item on my list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’:

Book Chair

The Library Chair was created by Alexander Love, in New York, and if you live in the USA and have 3k to spare, then you can buy one.

Now for the hardest part… the animal print or the pink?

I think I would like dusky pink velvet, like the stuff that is on the old Chaise-Longue, way down on the list of ‘Beautiful Things I Desire’ Yeah, this pink is a bit too…shiny… And maybe oak, or mahogany wood. It will need to go with the other coveted items, in my witch’s cottage in North Yorkshire. Yup – that’s on the list too.

Pink Book Chair