Ruby has an identity crisis…

Poor Ruby, has no idea who she is. I have been unable to help her very much over the past ten days due to back issues. Anyway she is getting bored sitting waiting around to be transformed into wolf woman, so she grabbed whatever she could to amuse herself.

Ruby 1

Ruby 2

Ruby 3

On Monday I shall be seeing an osteopath, no choice…



2 thoughts on “Ruby has an identity crisis…

  1. Oh boy, I wonder if the pain is partly from the tension of working on this project? I am trying fasting, it seems to be the only thing that stops my pain.

    Regarding painting wolf-like coat or hair on Ruby–I saw a tip in one of my sketching books of using a 40mm square cut out of A4 paper and using that to focus your eyes on a spot (in this case on a photo reference of wolf hair) and then paint that area on the figure, thus getting some realistic detail.

    Somewhat tedious, but she deserves spending time to blossom forth. Animal hair (I’m doing raven feathers right now) is hard to do large, our eyes get confused, we get lost, but in a smaller detail you might find it kickstarts you, gets you in there.

    I’m also painting a cat face on fabric–thought I might start with ears, lay down the inner skin, that translucent softness and then tufts and then eyes and by that time you can follow down the rest of the body more successfully. Also take the time to paint the eyes realistically

    More there. Good luck. Slow down get her just right.

    1. Wow… That’s great advice there! What a cool video… Your description of painting a cat is way beyond my scope I think! Ruby though is going to be dressed in a kind of fake fur Wolf hat… I have made a Wolf shaped structure to put the fur on… That was painful! Just realised I forgot to put pics on the blog about that whole stage, the fur etc…

      My back… Old injury from giving birth to my youngest… If I move in the wrong way it goes … But this time it has lasted 2 weeks so in a few hours I am going to see a physiotherapist. Tried chiropractors before but they haven’t done a lot of good, so am trying something different! The pain is bad hence me being awake at 2.00am :(

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