Formative Assessment

Today I set up my work as it stands now,  in the studio for the formative assessment. It was a useful exercise as I learned several things:

  • I need a lot more space than I first envisioned if I am to present my work this way in the exhibiton at the end of the year.
  • My mixed media work of the girl and the beast will look great if it is much bigger. I have sourced some quotes and I think I will get it printed onto a wrapped canvas, in at least A2 size.
  • Given more space I think shadows could work really well even with ambient lighting, depending where I am in the gallery.
  • I need to do the technical research to ensure that my trees and trophy are stable once installed. For the formative I relied on masking tape.

Anyhow, here are the images, the trophy of course has a way to go, but on the whole I am please that I have a clear vision of what my final work will be like.





One thought on “Formative Assessment

  1. The atmosphere of this with the tree branches enveloping things is really good. After the “ruination” of Ruby, I was thinking she looked a bit like she was morphing into a beast, which would fit your ideas. I can see why you wanted to project a silhouette on the back of the display–that would look interesting, but you could do one in mammoth size in black or grey paper and have it settled in there like a wallpaper mural? I guess that’s the idea of having it printed on canvas–great idea, should look fantastic behind the trees. I can hardly wait to see this finished.

    The fabric over the branches I like too. Simon Schama has a great book about landscape in art called “Landscape and Memory”–one of these days when you have time (make that years!) you might want to have a read of it. It’s very long and rather dense (pun) but I think it would be something you would like.

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