Into the Woods…

 Inevitably they find their way into the forest. It is there that they lose and find themselves. It is there that they gain a sense of what is to be done. The forest is always large, immense, great and mysterious. No one ever gains power over the forest, but the forest possesses the power to change lives and alter destinies. – Jack Zipes, 1988

The above quote by Jack Zipes takes me to a place I remember and yet cannot find on a map. In this project I want to explore the meaning of this lost place within the concept of fairy tales. I will also look at archetypes, stories, memory and individuation.

My draft project proposal was due for Studio today, so I was under pressure to nail things down a bit. This for me is the hardest part of any project, decisions! I have so many ideas and they all go wandering off down different tracks, so I am carried from one journey to the next until I am totally lost, and cannot find the place I started from. Anyway the beginning of this post is the intro to my project. I called the project Into the Woods, because I didn’t know about the new movie of that name until later. Anyway if it’s good enough for Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, it’s good enough for me.

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