Personal Mythologies

Looking at what I want to achieve within the field of my own art this semester, I have decided to work within a concept of personal mythologies. In my last post I talked about wanting to answer the question of why I make art, why I love the things I do. This is what my mythology or my story is about. I plan to explore my own myths and symbols that I have gathered throughout my life. I will do this using different media, including drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, stitch, the use of recycled materials and poetry.In her book Art is a Way of Knowing, Pat B. Allen says:

Our personal myth is so deeply embedded in us that it is difficult to see, yet we live out of it everyday. Our myth is what generates the patterns of our behaviour, how we respond to others, our expectations of life.

Sometimes, creating art can seem pointless, I want to find some answers within my art that I can look to when I get those ‘Why bother…’ days.

The images below are part of a series of Artist Trading Cards, that I did a couple of years ago called Dark Gardens.


Quote sourced from:

Allen, Pat B. Art is a Way of Knowing. Boston and London: Shambhala. 1995

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