The Why’s of Art & Joy

The past week or so I have been thinking a lot about why I make art, and what I want to show with my art. It’s a tough question, which has been brought to the fore by the new semester at college, and having the freedom to create our own brief. Jean-Paul Sartre said that freedom bears the pain of responsibility, how true this is.

I have made art for many years, in fact all of my years, I have to create, it is akin to breathing for me, but I don’t feel like I have any big message I want to get out there. I want to make art because I love doing it, and if other people like it then that’s an added extra. I want my art to be about my story, about the things I love and through it I want to explore what it is about these passions that draws me in.

I want to use my art to delve into why I love winter, why I love books, storytelling, fairytales, poetry. Why the site of a naked bare tree against a storm sky fills me with joy and yet a blue sky and a tree in full leaf just doesn’t do it for me. Stuff like that…

So I am going to play, experiment with different media, practice drawing, get over my fear of painting and use a lot of recycled materials. I like to use recycled stuff not just because it is earth friendly, but because it already has a story to tell.

There will be much more about this, but for now I will leave you with a drawing I did earlier of Jean-Paul Sartre and one of my favourite quotes of his.