All Light on the Night…

Well I am glad I got some pics last night because it looks like Light Nelson may be cancelled this evening. These are some of my favourite installations. There were a lot of quite technical things this year, but I like the simple effects of light and shadow much more. I also like the recycled aspect. I thought this was a recycled event actually.

I think it is important to reeducate people though art, and recycling what would otherwise end up as landfill, into something beautiful, is a great way to do that.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best according to yours truly:

The Wormhole


Purple Haze


A bit of battiness


The Beatles meet Bach, or – While sheep may safely graze in lilac fields and last forever…


Goldfish and Pinkfish


A rose by any other name


Nature is hard to beat …


The Suter Cafe as Fairy Grotto


Underwater wedding dress


The unbreakable lightness of leaves – A light bulb garden…




2 thoughts on “All Light on the Night…

  1. Oh boy, these are so lovely. I’ve always loved yours and its shadows cast like a haunted forest, but the light bulb garden is gorgeous.

    Is it me, or do you find light spooky, like ancient fires casting light?

    1. I do find light spooky, it’s kind of spiritual to me… I always connect with light, or actually the lack of light, holes in the light. I like shadows, and shadows thrown by firelight at night, or candle flames are the best!

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