Day of Silent Pride…

Today is the day of silence in New Zealand, when students all around the country will tape their mouths shut. This is a way to draw attention to the many years spent in enforced silence by people of all ages who have suffered an identity crises because of struggles with their sexuality.

I am very proud of all my queer friends and all they have done to make change across the globe,  and indeed of everyone who stands up for human rights in any shape or form.

I am especially proud of my firstborn, Tabby, who has devoted all of her teenage and adult life to this cause. I chose a Tarot card for her, and I chose the High priestess, she is strong, and wise, she is eons older than her years and she lifts a veil between two worlds.I chose the High Priestess card from the Cosmic Tarot because she looks wise, she looks ahead yet carries the wisdom and landscapes of the past. She holds history and the future in her hands, and lights our way like the moon.


I have learned  more than I can ever say form my kids, and I know our whole tribe have learned so much from Tabby. If ever I did something in my life that I am totally happy with, it is raising my kids to be who they are, and to help others to fight for and realise that right.

You can watch Tabby on breakfast TV at this link

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.12.59

And while we are on a pride trip… this is Polly my second daughter of whom I am equally proud, and her gorgeous son Blue, doing their own bit


And here, can you spot my girls back in their Nayland days doing the day of silence?! So you were on Breakfast TV too Poll x

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.13.24

Go Tabby, Polly, Blue and all of you out there fighting for the right to be…

I love you and I thank you xxx