Thinking about books… again…!

I have been looking through all my old sketchbooks, FB posts, blogposts etc, and I came up with a conclusion…


The thing I would love to have, that is currently at the top of my wishlist, is this:


There are lots more book rooms like this but I love the darkness of this one. So…. my mind wanders onto it’s other track of art, college… and next semester.


And I want to make one of these book bed installations… I have posted book artists before, but I have now found my muse in the form of British artist Ruth Beale


I don’t want a bed that looks like a book though, I want a library that works as  a bed…!


Well I am looking into this… maybe I was mean’t to make installations after all… certainly fits with a theme of habitat.

Here is another article about Ruth’s Bookbed:


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